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Major Recent Events and Issues:

August 2002: President Chen: Taiwan going our own way

August 2001: Full and equal UN membership

March 2000: Presidential Elections

"Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some Major Events of the Last Few Years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

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The Taipei Times is Taiwan's prime English-language newspaper. Below, we link to a number of its editorials and articles on important issues.

Selected Articles and Editorials in 2002

November 2002

30 November 2002: Blacklist victims want secret records opened

24 November 2002: Liberty Times: Don't abuse the voice of the oppressed

24 November 2002: Taipei sees biggest demonstration ever

23 November 2002: Editorial: Be wary of Chinese gestures

17 November 2002: Editorial: Killing the Golden Horse

17 November 2002: Thousands petition for "Taiwan" in US

16 November 2002: Editorial: Taiwan needs a flag to call its own

16 November 2002: TSU legislators: Taiwan needs a new flag "for truth's sake"

15 November 2002: Editorial: Will the CCP follow the KMT?

12 November 2002: Editorial: A private visit for a private citizen

12 November 2002: Liu Kuan-teh: Domestic uses of cross-Strait policy

10 November 2002: Editorial: Who benefits from direct links?

10 November 2002: Ma and Lee debate their visions for Taipei

10 November 2002: Taiwan 2004 shaping up to be rerun of Taipei 1998

09 November 2002: Editorial: Little new in Beijing's old leaders

09 November 2002: President Chen warns nation over China threats

09 November 2002: Nat Bellocchi: Confusion in US over Taiwan

08 November 2002: Editorial: A good US election for Taiwan

08 November 2002: Laurence Eyton: Ma Ying-jeou steals credit that's not his due

01 November 2002: Editorial: Missiles must go before links open

01 November 2002: President Chen insists links need official talks

September 2002

29 September 2002: Chen jabs China in Asahi Shimbun interview

29 September 2002: 16 years after its founding, the DPP has matured

29 September 2002: First Lady bounces back in style in LA

28 September 2002: DPP celebrates 16th anniversary

27 September 2002: Congressman calls Paal's comments unhelpful

26 September 2002: US House rises to cheer First Lady Wu Shu-chen

26 September 2002: Julian Baum: A need to recognize China's threat

22 September 2002: Editorial: First Lady Wu best spokesperson for Taiwan

22 September 2002: US strategic defense report hails Taiwan's democracy

22 September 2002: Wu calls on world to help UN bid

21 September 2002: Warm welcome for First Lady in New York City

20 September 2002: Prof. Gerard Chow: Europe moves to embrace Taiwan

15 September 2002: First Lady Wu Shu-chen to visit Washington

14 September 2002: Lin Yi-hsiung to lead march against nuclear plant

14 September 2002: Editorial: China's bubbling cauldron ready to explode

14 September 2002: Chiou Chwei-liang: Pan-blue attitudes towards US perplexing

13 September 2002: Editorial: Taiwan will never give up UN bid

12 September 2002: Nat Bellocchi: Eyes on the Bush-Jiang summit

12 September 2002: Editorial: When the KMT's assets become a liability

09 September 2002: James Wang: Armitage's clarification is sensible

08 September 2002: Editorial: European diplomatic efforts paying off

05 September 2002: Lei Chen's books set the record straight

04 September 2002: Sushil Seth: Taiwan's options vis-a-vis China

03 September 2002: Bonnie Glaser: Beijing pursuing a new policy towards Taiwan

02 September 2002: Editorial: Lien Chan and the great white whale

02 September 2002: Yao Chia-wen new chief of Examination Yuan

01 September 2002: Liberty Times: Taiwan's future up to its 23 million

01 September 2002: Editorial: Journalists' Day? Bah humbug

July 2002

31 July 2002: Editorial: Tiptoeing around independence

30 July 2002: President Chen: Nation must "go its own way"

30 July 2002: Legislator Trong Chai: Nauru loss puts DPP at diplomatic crossroads

29 July 2002: Editorial: The bankruptcy of dollar diplomacy

28 July 2002: Liberty Times: Make no mistake about the China threat

27 July 2002: Lin Cheng-yi: US report shows Taiwan's defense weaknesses

26 July 2002: Editorial: 2008, a cross-Strait odyssy

22 July 2002: President Chen assumes DPP chair: Taiwan may go "own way"

22 July 2002: Editorial: The DPP's metamorphosis

22 July 2002: Liberty Times: Ignoring China's threat very risky

22 July 2002: More debate on Tongyong versus Hanyu

21 July 2002: Lee Wen-chung: National defense is important to everyone

20 July 2002: Editorial: Wanted: a new kind of diplomacy

19 July 2002: A Statement in favor of Tongyong Pinyin

17 July 2002: Editorial: Rethink trade ties with China

15 July 2002: Editorial: Rein in China before it's too late

17 July 2002: Liberty Times editorial: Say "No" to direct links with China

14 July 2002: Editorial: Chang plays the name game

10 July 2002: Editorial: The cowardly Lions are far from Oz

09 July 2002: Editorial: Lee Teng-hui's "state-to-state" policy endures

07 July 2002: Editorial: Reading between Qian Qichen's lines

07 July 2002: Liberty Times editorial: Taiwan isn't the same as Hong Kong

06 July 2002: Editorial: Ignore the whiners

06 July 2002: Chiou Chwei-liang: Academics and politics not mutually exclusive

05 July 2002: Editorial: Hoisted by their own petard

05 July 2002: James Wang: Common sense needed on China

04 July 2002: Nat Bellocchi: Taiwan's voters miss the big issues

04 July 2002: Pentagon to release report on China threat

02 July 2002: Paul Lin: Promises about Hong Kong all empty talk

May 2002

30 May 2002: Editorial: No prodigal son, just a disgrace

30 May 2002: Paul Lin: Chinese belligerence hinders links

29 May 2002: Nat Bellocchi: Cross-Strait actions shifts to Taipei

28 May 2002: Wang Hong-zen : Unwanted advice from masters of industry

27 May 2002: Lee Teng-hui confers fears about "One China conspiracy" to the US

26 May 2002: Editorial: A bit of Russian fuss over nothing

26 May 2002: Liu Kuan-teh: Making the presidency more transparent

25 May 2002: Hickey & Ho: Taiwan deserves a seat at the WHO

25 May 2002: Wang Yau-de: Just which side are Taiwan's tycoons on?

23 May 2002: Editorial: Beware China's trojan horse

23 May 2002: Wang Chien-chuang: Chen, like Clinton, can't please everybody

21 May 2002: Editorial: East Timor an example for Taiwan

20 May 2002: Editorial: Chen's activism can now take shape

20 May 2002: Chen changes the face of the presidency

20 May 2002: Chen Ro-jinn: Getting fed up with Beijing's bully tactics

18 May 2002: Editorial: Chen's tough talk is warranted

18 May 2002: Li Thian-hok: Lost chance to set China straight

16 May 2002: Editorial: Battered but not giving up

14 May 2002: Editorial: Rights for all, not just for some

14 May 2002: No place for Taiwan on WHO agenda

12 May 2002: Editorial: Taiwan is the "motherland"

12 May 2002: "Taiwan" takes to the Taipei streets

09 May 2002: Editorial: Concern over Hu Jintao warranted

09 May 2002: James Wang: Sovereignty resides in the people

07 May 2002: Saturday march to demand the use of "Taiwan"

07 May 2002: Taiwan to use own name in upcoming WHA bid

01 May 2002: Editorial: Don't count on Hu yet

01 May 2002: Hu, Bush discuss Taiwan

01 May 2002: Editorial: Defending a nation, not an old idea

March 2002

31 March 2002: Editorial: The DPP needs revolutionary ideology

30 March 2002: Editorial: Breaking with the past

30 March 2002: Taiwan Cabinet will let chip fabs go to China

29 March 2002: Editorial: The weakness of the quiet revolution

28 March 2002: Editorial: Making an ass of Taiwan's law

27 March 2002: Editorial: Freedom brings responsibilities

27 March 2002: President Chen lauds democratic tie with US

26 March 2002: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Embracing Taiwan's independence

24 March 2002: Support for WHO role builds in the US

24 March 2002: Editorial: NSB furore raises loyalty question

23 March 2002: Vice President Lu reminds world leaders of China's military threat

23 March 2002: Editorial: Consumer action, not censorship

22 March 2002: Editorial: Claims and counterclaims

21 March 2002: Editorial: Old secrets don't stay buried

21 March 2002: Prof. Chen Wen-yen: Will Taiwan be derailed by China investment?

20 March 2002: Nat Bellocchi: Balancing economics and security

18 March 2002: President Chen to WTC: No nation an island unto itself

17 March 2002: US Defense Review issues Strait alert

16 March 2002: Europeans back World Health observer bid

16 March 2002: Editorial: Betrayal comes in many guises

16 March 2002: Paul Lin: The oxymoron of Tung's leadership in HK

14 March 2002: Nat Bellocchi: US-Taiwan fundamentals are strong

10 March 2002: Lee Teng-hui calls for sanity over China-investment policy

08 March 2002: Editorial: Don't turn Taiwan into Jurassic Park

08 March 2002: Helms moves to block Paal appointment as AIT chief

04 March 2002: Yao Chia-wen: The DPP must build a whole new order

04 March 2002: George Tsai: Taiwan needs proactive diplomacy

03 March 2002: Editorial: Chen should give report on the nation

03 March 2002: Kissinger transcripts say a great deal on Taiwan

02 March 2002: Editorial: Hong Kong's shameful farce

01 March 2002: Editorial: Nervous nellies or diplomats?

01 March 2002: Mike Fonte: US sees Taiwan as a good friend

01 March 2002: 228 victims' families urge action

January 2002

29 January 2002: Editorial: Opposition's stubbornness foolish

28 January 2002: Taiwanese Collegian: National sovereignty must not be denigrated

26 January 2002: Editorial: China's sweet nothings from poisonous lips

26 January 2002: Lee Chang-kuei: Soong is just China's mouthpiece

26 January 2002: Bonnie Hsieh: Show the world we're proud to be Taiwanese

25 January 2002: Mei-chin Chen: Opposition dodging the issue on passports

23 January 2002: Editorial: Patriotism, first and foremost

22 January 2002: Yang Ji-charng: Republic of Confusion

22 January 2002: Yu Shyi-kun to lead "combative cabinet"

22 January 2002: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Today WTO, tomorrow the WHO

20 January 2002: Chen Ro-jinn: Opposition to "Taiwan" on passport ludicrous

19 January 2002: Prof. Lai Fu-shun: Rewriting history, Beijing style

18 January 2002: Editorial: Politicizing health a sickening matter

17 January 2002: Austin Turner: China's awkward diplomatic dance

16 January 2002: Editorial: Much ado about nothing

16 January 2002: US weighing up submarine types for Taiwan's navy

15 January 2002: Editorial: Passport clarification welcomed

13 January 2002: FAPA set to reaffirm its commitment

13 January 2002: FAPA celebrates 20 years of helping Taiwan

8 January 2002: Editorial: The truth about China's "gold rush"

7 January 2002: Mike Fonte: New "4th Communiqué" idea misguided

5 January 2002: Editorial: No need for a "fourth Communiqué"

4 January 2002: US rejects calls for new fourth Communiqué

3 January 2002: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Name rectification of vital importance

2 January 2002: Editorial: Biting off that which can be chewed

1 January 2002: Paul Lin: Paul Lin: Hong Kong isn't the right model for Taiwan

1 January 2002: Taiwan to close Green Island prison

December 2002

27 December 2002: Lee Teng-hui: "One China" relic of Civil War

25 December 2002: Editorial: What hope is there for Christmas?

25 December 2002: Paul Lin: HK protests highlight China's duplicity

24 December 2002: Editorial: Everybody wants to be president

24 December 2002: James Wang: Dealing with a neighbourhood thug

22 December 2002: Lee Teng-hui: Don't vote for the blue camp in 2004

22 December 2002: Liberty Times: Chen can win votes through work

20 December 2002: US likely to snub China's missile offer

16 December 2002: Editorial: The KMT's ultimatum to Soong

14 December 2002: Editorial: Mr. Paal, political goodwill is a fine line to walk

08 December 2002: Editorial: Now for the reshuffle

08 December 2002: Chiu Hei-yuan: What next for the election contenders?

08 December 2002: Bruce Jacobs: Personalities played pivotal part

08 December 2002: Chin Heng-wei: Don't try to read too much in local voting

05 December 2002: Editorial: Saying no to the status quo

05 December 2002: Paul Lin: Dirty old Jiang's secrets revealed

04 December 2002: Opinion poll: Pro- independence sentiment increasing

03 December 2002: Taiwan Communiqué: The flag debate from a new perspective

01 December 2002: Editorial: Taipei Times: Facing China's fifth column

01 December 2002: Li Thian-hok: The PRC's leadership succession and Taiwan

October 2002

31 October 2002: Hwan C. Lin: Taiwan has overinvested in China

30 October 2002: Taiwan News: APEC and the nation of Taiwan

30 October 2002: Taipei Times: No country can stand alone

30 October 2002: Nat Bellocchi: US-Taiwan relations still evolving

28 October 2002: Taipei Times: President Chen's election gambit

28 October 2002: Lee Teng-hui: Becoming a "normal" country

27 October 2002: Taipei Times: Taipei Times: Post-summit, the score is even

27 October 2002: Liberty Times: Closing the Strait gap is misguided

27 October 2002: DPP pulls out all stops for mayoral race

26 October 2002: Taipei Times: Time to revise the history books

26 October 2002: Chiou Chwei-liang: Name change a first step towards UN

25 October 2002: Wu Ming-chi: Time for US to dump "One China"

25 October 2002: US Congress tells Bush to send clear message to China

24 October 2002: Li Thian-hok: Taiwan should show resolve to US

August 2002

31 August 2002: President Chen: "Each side" remark no accident

30 August 2002: James Wang: China strengthens Taiwan's UN bid

30 August 2002: Formosa Foundation seeks to end US "One China" policy

28 August 2002: Editorial: Words are worth more than gold

26 August 2002: Lee Chang-kuei: "One China" policy won't work for Taiwan

26 August 2002: Editorial: Garbled message creates confusion

25 August 2002: Editorial: Time to realize "one China" a myth

25 August 2002: Liberty Times: Taiwan's future doesn't lie in China

24 August 2002: Liu Kuan-teh: Lee's Taipei campaign needs a lot more punch

23 August 2002: Ambassador Okasaki warns of US-China clash

23 August 2002: Paul Lin: VP Lu's trip a symbol on many levels

19 August 2002: Editorial: Taipei Times: VP Lu's trip a poke in Beijing's eye

18 August 2002: Liberty Times editorial: It's time to heed the "Go South" call

17 August 2002: Editorial: Those who live in glass houses ...

17 August 2002: Mike Lan: Airbus vs Boeing; Taiwan shouldn't settle for crumbs

16 August 2002: Editorial: Fighting the diplomatic battle

15 August 2002: Editorial: Nothing to fear from China's drills

15 August 2002: Nat Bellocchi: Two statements and two Taiwans

14 August 2002: Editorial: When will the world take off its blinkers?

14 August 2002: Liu Kuan-teh: When is the best time for the truth?

13 August 2002: Editorial: Taipei Times: Taiwan's guiding lights

13 August 2002: Prof. Lee Hong-hsi: The Switzerland of the East

13 August 2002: Chen Ro-jinn: Wake up and smell China's intentions

12 August 2002: Editorial: US and Taiwan should talk more

12 August 2002: James Wang: Foreign media ignorant of Taiwan

11 August 2002: Liberty Times: Taiwan should stand up to China

11 August 2002: Taiwanese Collegian: Support President at this critical juncture

11 August 2002: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Battling for UN entry for Taiwan

10 August 2002: Editorial: Shaking Taiwan out of complacency

09 August 2002: Editorial: Towards a more realistic US policy

09 August 2002: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Taiwanese should rally behind the brave Chen

09 August 2002: President Chen's calculated act of deterrence

08 August 2002: Congressman Gilman: President Chen is right

07 August 2002: Editorial: Not much has really changed

07 August 2002: Trong Chai: Referendum law could be precious weapon

06 August 2002: Editorial: Sometimes the truth hurts

06 August 2002: Taiwan Communiqué: West should be applauding President Chen

05 August 2002: Editorial: Straight talk on Strait affairs

05 August 2002: Liu Kuan-teh: It's time to shift focus of Taiwan's diplomacy

04 August 2002: Editorial: Chen raises pitch in anti-China rhetoric

04 August 2002: Liberty Times: Opposition aiding in Taiwan's demise

03 August 2002: Lee Teng-hui calls for new country

03 August 2002: Nadia Tsao: Military in Taiwan should heed US advice

01 August 2002: James Wang: Who lost the UN?

June 2002

30 June 2002: Liberty Times: Peace across the Strait an illusion

30 June 2002: Li Thian-hok: Unification a threat to American interests

27 June 2002: Editorial: Fools are rushing in(to China)

27 June 2002: US Senator Torricelli supports plebiscite

22 June 2002: Yao Chia-wen triumphs against all odds

21 June 2002: Editorial: Yet another legislative mess

20 June 2002: Paul Lin: China's disregard for human rights

17 June 2002: Lee Teng-hui equates direct links with "a war"

16 June 2002: James Wang: China no longer has a "Russia card"

16 June 2002: Taipei Times celebrates third anniversary

15 June 2002: Editorial: High- speed railway to nowhere?

14 June 2002: Editorial: Practice what you preach

12 June 2002: Editorial: When Taiwan becomes a home

12 June 2002: James Wang: Richard Bush's strong ties to Taiwan

11 June 2002: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: If Beijing truly wants links, ditch the missiles

10 June 2002: Editorial: A litmus test for the "pan-blue" camp

10 June 2002: Liu Kuan-teh: The PFP's "One China" ignores the will of the people

10 June 2002: Sushil Seth: What are China's Taiwan options?

6 June 2002: Editorial: Updating dinosaurs a priority

5 June 2002: Editorial: Taiwanese must make a choice

5 June 2002: Peng Ming-min: Beware of Beijing's direct links trap

4 June 2002: Paul Lin: Taiwan's reps need to stand up to China

4 June 2002: Huang Tien-lin: Direct links will not be a panacea

4 June 2002: Editorial: The lessons of June 4th

3 June 2002: Editorial: Retirement a dirty word for politicians

2 June 2002: Editorial: Direct links must not be negotiated unequally

2 June 2002: Editorial: Taipei Times : Clearing the air over Justin Chen

2 June 2002: Chris Lingle: China's economic policy misguided

1 June 2002: Ryan Shih: Don't let Justin Lin come back

April 2002

29 April 2002: Editorial: Chen must break from KMT legacy

29 April 2002: Li Thian-hok: Is Chen Taiwanese or Chinese?

28 April 2002: New US Pacific commander pledges his aid

28 April 2002: Thinktank: New name needed for international recognition

27 April 2002: Taiwan security concerns prompt US military plan

26 April 2002: Nadia Tsao: Lien Chan's trip to US of dubious distinction

23 April 2002: Lee Chang-kuei: Country, not party, must come first

22 April 2002: Editorial: Lien's lessons not worth learning

22 April 2002: Lin Cheng-yi: Friends step in to help Taiwan's bid

20 April 2002: Editorial: Taiwan should grab the European olive branch

19 April 2002: Editorial: Is Beijing trying for media control?

18 April 2002: James Wang: It is time the world accepts reality

17 April 2002: Nat Bellocchi: Towards better US- Taiwan relations

16 April 2002: Editorial: Changing one headache for another

15 April 2002: Editorial: KMT, PFP should stop moralizing

14 April 2002: Editorial: Keep up the good work (in Europe)

13 April 2002: Editorial: Lady luck frowns on China gamblers

13 April 2002: DPP members want "Taiwan" on WHO bid

12 April 2002: US emphasizing its "six assurances" for Taiwan

12 April 2002: Editorial: Time for parties to seek unity

11 April 2002: US Congressional Taiwan Caucus founded

11 April 2002: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Bush's comments recognize the reality

10 April 2002: Editorial: WHO entry; the name game, once again

08 April 2002: President remembers democracy activist Cheng Nan-jung

07 April 2002: Editorial: Is the US's Taiwan policy changing?

06 April 2002: Peter Brookes: US Commitment to Taiwan remains firm

05 April 2002: China still a threat, says US military

01 April 2002: Editorial: Don't waste time on Tang's stupidity

February 2002

28 February 2002: Ma Ying-jeou: A reflection upon the 228 Incident

27 February 2002: Editorial: On Outer Mongolia, it's time to face up to reality

25 February 2002: Newsmaker: Chen Shih-meng back to the President's side

25 February 2002: MOFA mulls "Taiwan" for office names

25 February 2002: Report calls into question Paal appointment to AIT

24 February 2002: Editorial: Bush and Clinton, a world apart

23 February 2002: Editorial: China sidelined by fear of freedom

22 February 2002: Editorial: Bush better than Bill in Beijing

20 February 2002: Arthur Waldron: What should Bush say at Tsinghua University?

20 February 2002: Editorial: Towards a more balanced future

20 February 2002: Cabinet wins showdown over allocation of budget

17 February 2002: Editorial: Annette Lu hits the jackpot

16 February 2002: Condy Rice: US' Taiwan policy won't be restated

16 February 2002: Editorial: Bush must remember China's record

15 February 2002: Nat Bellocchi: China at a crossroads vis-à-vis US

14 February 2002: Editorial: Taiwan has some strange bedfellows

12 February 2002: Editorial: Year of the horse: galloping into a brighter future

09 February 2002: Editorial: A question of birthright, isn't it?

09 February 2002: Tung Li-wen: China's new propaganda strategy

08 February 2002: CIA director warns US of China threat

07 February 2002: Editorial: When money overcomes patriotism

05 February 2002: James Auer: AEGIS is needed on land, not sea

02 February 2002: Editorial: A return to the bad old days

02 February 2002: Anger greets KMT clean sweep

02 February 2002: Richard Bush: Long history as supporter of Taiwan

01 February 2002: Paul Lin: Beijing's actions don't match its words

01 February 2002: Parties shore up support for legislative speaker vote