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Major Recent Events and Issues:

March 2005: China's "anti-secession law"

October 2004: The EU arms embargo against China

March 2004: Referendum and Presidential Elections

August 2002: President Chen: Taiwan going our own way

August 2001: Full and equal UN membership

March 2000: Presidential Elections

"Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some Major Events of the Last Few Years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

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The Taipei Times is Taiwan's prime English-language newspaper. Below, we link to a number of its editorials and articles on important issues.

Selected Articles and Editorials

September 2011

October 2011

Taipei Times editorial: Legislative review was a farce

Taiwan businessmen in China say PRC sending spies

Chinese analyst calls for war in South China Sea

Taipei Times editorial: Now Ma suddenly loves the ROC flag

United States seeks to reassure DPP on neutrality

US admiral Willard sees ‘profound’ cross-strait disparity

Prof. June Teufel Dreyer: Book provides insight to Strait crisis

DPP: Peace accord with China 'naive'

Richard Halloran: China looks to be on the warpath

Taipei Times editorial: Attacks on Lee, Chen nonsensical

Liu Shih-chung: US should not interfere in elections

VP Vincent Siew to AIT: Ma would initiate China political talks if re-elected

Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew: ‘Taiwan independent since 1989’

DPP: holds 25th anniversary rally party

The Economist: US wavering on Taiwan

William Lowther: Hope of F-16C/Ds dashed by US Senate

William Lowther in DC: Taiwan to receive US arms package

US-Taiwan Business Council urges F-16 C/D sale

J. Michael Cole: Taiwan needs to go asymmetrical

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Financial Times disclosure a betrayal of mutual trust

Opinion polls suggest US visit boosted support for Tsai

Taipei Times editorial: No such thing as a consensus

DPP legislator Kuan Bi-ling: WHO’s terminology like a ‘slap’

Dty minister Andrew Yang: US administration yielding to China

Taipei Times editorial: Ghosts of Kissinger and Brzezinski

Tsai Ing-wen: solicits support on last leg of her US visit

Report from Washington: ‘FT’ source said to be from White House

Report from Washington: No F-16C/Ds in US arms deal

Financial Times report: US official worried about Tsai

Washington Times report: US set to unveil US$4.2bn arms package

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen holds closed meeting with powerbrokers in US

Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen introduces bill in US Congress

Tsai Ing-wen vows to rebuild US relations

US Congress resolution calls for UN seat for Taiwan

US Senators unveil bill to force jet sale

Tsai Ing-wen embarks on U.S. trip

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Taiwan deserves U.S. assurances

Taipei Times editorial: WikiLeaks confirms what we knew

United States still keeps mum about F-16C/D sale

Wikileaks: China using ECFA to push unification

Former prime minister Abe warns on health of US-Japanese alliance

Wikileaks cable outline PRC view on ‘consensus’

Wikileaks cable: AIT doubted ECFA impact

Congressman Howard Berman: New guidelines needed on Taiwan

Wikileaks cable: UN told to drop ‘Taiwan is part of China’

Sabina Sun: Making the impossible possible

Paul Lin: ‘Three noes’ destroying the so-called ‘status quo’

Rally in Taiwan to commemorate San Francisco Peace Treaty

Lee Ming-yun: The ROC is in its death throes, but not Taiwan

Lin Cho-shui: Life beyond the 1992 consensus?

Congresswoman Ros Lehtinen to seek enhanced TRA

Rev. William J.K. Lo: President Ma’s real ‘three noes’

William Lowther: ‘Secret’ cable details US talks

Liu Shih-chung: Redefining cross-strait relations

Prof. Lin Chia-ho: What has gone wrong with justice in Taiwan?

KMT official: Diaoyutais belong to ‘China’

Ruan Ming: A new vision for today’s Taiwan

Li Thian-hok: Taiwan is a thorn to the leaders in Beijing

James Soong to start election signature drive

Chen Rong-jye: The talks that led to claims of a ‘consensus’

MND denies claim of Chinese infiltration

Ministry of Defense warns of China war option

July 2011

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Timing makes Lee indictment suspicious

Parris Chang: Enhancing ties with US Congress

Tsai Ing-wen: DPP now moderate and reformist

US Congress introduces bill urging EU to keep PRC arms embargo

Reuben Johnson: Refusing to aid Taiwan is illogical

James Wang: Get rid of Ma to save a hard-won democracy

Lin Cho-shui: Lee indictment is as hollow as Ma

Taipei Times editorial: Ma nervous about being Taiwanese

Ma on Facebook: "I am Taiwanese"

Liu Shih-chung: A leader needs to act, not only talk

William Lowther: Doubts raised over Biden-China report

Lee Teng-hui indictment: Two judges replaced

Hawang Shiow-duan: Drop in free press rank needs to be addressed

Vice president Biden: to tell China no F-16s for Taiwan

Judge Chou Chang-chun chosen to oversee Lee case

Huang Tien-lin: ECFA leads to a drop in share of the PRC market

Charles Snyder: KMT’s dark history did not simply fade away

Wang Dan: Why not learn from Hong Kong?

Taipei Times editorial: Falling for the billion-dollar mirage

J. Michael Cole: Neglect is hurting military morale

Premier Wu Den-yih: Lee Teng-hui ‘burdened’ democracy

Prof. Lo Chih-cheng: New government, new neutrality

James Wang: Ma won't stop until the Taiwanese get angry

SF Chronicle / Bloomberg report: Taiwan jobs sucked to China

Taiwan opinion poll: Majority believe Lee indictment a political move

Prof. Jerome Keating: Taiwan is in need of real leadership

Former President Lee dismisses corruption charges

Prosecutors indict former president Lee on corruption charges

Richard Pearson: Taiwan and the South China Sea

May 2011

Taipei Times editorial: Tsai seeks talks, but does Beijing?

Prof. Peng Ming-min: China picks pockets of academics worldwide

J. Michael Cole: China eyes ‘extraterritoriality’ through use of UAVs

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: US needs to put end to ‘one China’ confusion

Tsai Ing-wen: Women ready, prepared for political power

US Senators write Obama to petition for F-16 sale

J. Michael Cole: The diplomatic games they play

Gerrit van der Wees: Chinese views on Taiwan’s elections

Mei-chin Chen: Debacle at WHO erodes Taiwan’s sovereignty

Congressional sources: No review of TRA coming anytime soon

Taipei Times editorial: Chen Bingde wasn’t lying, entirely

Jean Wu: Taiwan has to stand up to China’s black swan

J. Michael Cole: Taiwan stuck in ‘Red Queen race’

Croatian visa rules list "Taiwan, PRC"

Ma Ying-jeou lauds WHA international participation

United States ‘clarifies’ statements on ‘one China’

James Wang: Ma's empty WHO protests are more than a bad joke

PLA Chief Chen Bingde in Washington: No missiles on the coast

Liu Shih-chung: When truce may lead to dignity

Ma Ying-jeou three years: vows to achieve more for Taiwan

Prof. Chen Rong-jye: Collusion is damaging Taiwanese sovereignty

Dean Cheng of Heritage: PLA unlikely to stop US arms sales

Michael Mazza of AEI: No payoff from Ma’s China gamble

Taipei Times editorial: Beijing will not go to rehab

DOH minister files protest with WHO

Gerrit van der Wees: US will continue to support Taiwan

Mei-chin Chen: What about protecting Taiwan's democracy?

Former ambassador Joseph Wu: China rapprochement has eroded sovereignty

Formosan Association for Public Affairs: Ma deceived public about international space

Prof. Tung Chen-yuan: Judging the ECFA’s effects a year on

US expert Barry Watts warns of PRC economic trap

Taipei Times editorial: Ma's 'Han Chinese burden'

Taipei Times editorial: Mr Ma, do you take us for fools?

J. Michael Cole: Changing China is a pipe dream

Taipei Times editorial: WHO memo exposes Ma’s delusions

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Scrap ‘1992 consensus’ for ‘Taiwan consensus’

Taipei Times editorial: How to lose ‘hearts and minds’

WHO memo sparks outrage in Taipei

Prof. Peng Ming-min advises vigilance ahead of elections

Chengdu Forum talks of opposing independence

Premier Wu Den-yih defends use of ‘1992 consensus’ in cross-strait talks

Liu Shih-chung: Ma and Tsai have work to do with the US

Julian Baum and Sam Lang: 36,000 missing documents: Down Taiwan’s political rabbit hole

James Wang: New DPP, old KMT distinction clear as day

Mei-chin Chen: Tsai Ing-wen offers a vision of Taiwan's road ahead

Tsai Ing-wen officially named DPP nominee

Former Repr. Joseph Wu: DPP would grant China less ‘weight’

Freedom House lowers Taiwan's press freedom ranking

Sushil Seth: China's political system is wilting

Steve Wang: Joint ballot might pose a quandary for Taiwan

J. Michael Cole: China’s new aircraft carrier changes strategic map

Michael Scanlon: on the Defense Ministry's comic book

Tsai Ing-wen keen to see public debate constitutional reform

Anti-nuclear rally in Taipei draws legions

March 2011

Taipei Times editorial: The case of the missing documents

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Taiwan can help freedom to flower in East Asia

Richard Armitage: Beef dispute will not impact US visa program

Prof. Alexander Young in NY: How US can avoid war with China

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan does need a new Constitution

Tsai Ing-wen takes on nuclear power in policy initiative

Su Tseng-chang announces presidential bid

Annette Lu drops bid for DPP's nomination

Former President Lee calls for "ROC" Constitution to be scrapped

DPP presidential hopefuls to hold talks

Global Views survey shows drop in Ma’s trust levels

Taiwan demonstrators say ‘no’ to nuclear power

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: How we can be a good neighbor to the Japanese

PRC's DF-16 missile could render Taiwan PAC-3s obsolete

Taiwan officials: Taiwan not fully prepared for catastrophe

DPP to hold four televised talks shows for contenders

James Wang: Ma and the call for US to abandon Taiwan

US expert: Ma’s cross-strait policy only limited success

DPP urges to rethink nuclear power

Taiwan environmentalists: Underwater volcanoes pose risk to nuclear plant

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen full text of speech

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen officially launches presidential bid

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen to declare presidential bid

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Charles Glaser's fallacious arguments

J. Michael Cole: Realism does not mean inhumanity

US-Taiwan Business Council: US commitment deteriorating

US academic Charles Glaser: Abandon Taiwan

National 228 Museum opens in Taipei

January 2011

FAPA President Bob Yang: Delivering a verdict on Hu’s trip to Washington

Taipei Times editorial: Quality time, not face time, is needed

Sushil Seth: How successful was Hu’s US visit?

FAPA: US-Taiwan FTA moving up list

Prof. Jerome Keating: Taiwanese identity arises from unique past

Taiwan Thinktank: Stand up to China

US diplomat slams China for opposing visit to Taiwan

Liberty Times editorial: TRA explicates US view of Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Domestic reconciliation needed

AIT Chair Burghardt: US kept Taiwan in mind during Hu trip

Michael Danielsen: Intellectual laziness is damaging the nation

J. Michael Cole: Beans are spilled - ECFA is political

Richard Zalski: Updating the US’ policy on Taiwan

US-China Joint Statement: Opinions in Taiwan differ

Hu Jintao warns US on handling of Taiwan, Tibet

James Wang: Proving the existence of a so-called "consensus"

Congressman Chabot at hearing: KMT ‘persecuting’ members of DPP

President Obama meets Hu Jintao, reaffirms TRA

The United States anxiously awaiting Hu Jintao visit

Taipei Times editorial: The math behind public anger

Joseph Wu: Obama-Hu talks risk undermining Taiwan

Liu Shih-chung: The DPP must seek unity at congress

Taiwan High Court upholds not guilty verdict for former President Chen

Taiwan Coast Guard clash with PRC fishermen

Media reports: US has decided on new arms sale to Taiwan

Congress urges Obama to stand firm on Taiwan

Taiwanese-American groups plan protests for Hu Jintao US trip

Antonio Chiang: Chinese advertorials threaten independence of press

Taiwan Braintrust: ECFA, Economic policy are flawed

Japan's opposition calls for closer ties with Taiwan, FTA

Prof. Chen Miao-fen: Reviews for referendums need to be re-examined

Obama staff changes may affect policies on Taiwan

MAC poll: Taiwan majority support mechanism for China talks

Dan Blumenthal: PLA drive targets Taiwan

Prof. Jerome Keating: Not all 100 years warrant revelry

James Wang: Voters can either save Ma or save the nation

Liberty Times editorial: Stop fabricating Taiwan's history

Prof. Chen Wen-hsien: Show some courage and get over the ROC

KMT government once again says no to ECFA referendum bid

Lee Long-hwa in NY: ‘1992 consensus’ irrelevant

Taipei Times editorial: An inconsistent Presidential Office

Julie Chen Yu-wen: Unending ethnic conflict in China

Taiwan MDef: Advanced rockets will not be placed near China

Ben Goren in Taichung: KMT remains delusional about "ROC"

DPP Chair Tsai Ing-wen: Ma is confused about Taiwan

Ma Ing-jeou: Taiwanese to decide own future

DPP files election shooting suits

PRC’s fifth-generation jet pictures cause stir in US

Tsai Ing-wen unveils new Aboriginal policies

Paul Lin: Peace agreement nothing but a trap

Chen Rong-jye: Reading the motives in Ma’s peace proposal

Ambassador Joseph Wu: Build consensus, then discuss peace

Ma Ying-jeou defends "peace agreement"

Election poll shows Ma and Tsai neck-and-neck

"Dear Taiwan" documentary: A question with no easy answer

Reuters: Warming ties with China stoke Taiwan’s identity crisis

Former legislator Lin Cho-shui: Finding a model for a peace deal

Political victims form alliance for Tsai Ing-wen

DPP’s proposed Referendum Act change blocked

Taipei Times editorial: Making Taiwan an end in itself

Mei-chin Chen: Seeing through Ma’s election gimmicks

DPP to propose referendum law change

Paul Wolfowitz praises Taiwan’s democratic legacy

Liberty Times editorial: Ma still living in his ROC fantasy

Liu Shih-chung: Peace accord an electoral gamble

Lee Ying-yuan: Conditions for signing a peace pact with China

DPP pans rejection of referendum idea

Taipei Times editorial: Tibetans are happy, aren’t they?

Tsai Ing-wen urges Ma to launch talks on Referendum Act

Paul Lin: Ma’s peace plan pleases his masters in Beijing

Taipei Times editorial: Ma firing blanks with peace proposal

Tsai Ing-wen slams Ma’s ‘simplistic’ proposal

Ma Ying-jeou promises referendum before Chinese peace pact

PRC's Chen Yunlin warns DPP over trade deals

Tsai Ing-wen: Peace proposal puts Taiwan at risk

Sushil Seth: China: the inevitable superpower?

CSIS Forum debates issue of ‘abandoning’ Taiwan

Tsai Ing-wen fundraiser set for Saturday

Ma Ying-jeou again talks peace deal with China

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: The US has to support Taiwan’s democracy

Rev. William J.K. Lo: Taiwanese paying for a Chinese anniversary

Brookings report: PRC must address Taiwan fears

Hillary Clinton Asia article omits mention of Taiwan

Tsai Ing-wen rally crosses Jhuoshuei River

Taiwan government spending on US lobbyists to push F-16C/D sale

Ma Ying-jeou calls on China to emulate Taiwan

Huang Tien-lin: Reaping the bitter fruits of ECFA

Taipei Times editorial: Whose Double Ten Day is it?

Huang Tzu-wei: Beware of the ‘Chinese culture’ pill

Tsai Ing-wen affirms recognition of the ROC

Hu Jintao urges unification with Taiwan

Tsai Ing-wen greeted by huge crowd in Kaohsiung

Dalai Lama thanks DPP for support of democratic reforms

House Hearing "Why Taiwan Matters": US mulling new arms sales to Taiwan

Lee Teng-hui trial set for October 21st

Tsai Ing-wen lauds bilateral relations in Tokyo

Taipei Times editorial: New era of Chinese spying dawns

Tsai Ing-wen in Japan: envisages peaceful resolution on Diaoyutais

Ma Ying-jeou lays out his policy vision for ‘golden decade’

Pentagon report backs US refusal to sell F-16 jets

Prof. Lin Chia-cheng: Working to build up a Taiwan consensus

August 2011

Prof. Tung Chen-yuan: ECFA framework agreement helps nobody

Prof. Li Chung-chih: Visa waivers are not diplomacy

J. Michael Cole: What is the PLA hiding underneath Hebei?

Liu Shih-chung: Tsai must think nationally to win

Chris Wang @ TT: ‘1992 consensus’ continues to divide political parties

Sushil Seth: China hegemony to face resistance

Jerome Keating: Tsai not the one who needs a reality check

Gerrit van der Wees: Looking at the broader picture of diplomacy

Ma Ying-jeou defends so-called ‘1992 consensus’

Opinion poll: Most Taiwanese unclear about ‘1992 consensus’

Pentagon report: China military has Taiwan in its sights

Tsai Ing-wen: China, deal with my policy

Tsai Ing-wen unveils DPP’s judicial reform policy

Tsai Ing-wen details DPP’s cross-strait policies

Taipei Times editorial: Listen to the Taiwanese, not China

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: The US has to bring Taiwan in from cold

Tsai Ing-wen unveils DPP’s policy guidelines

Michael Turton: Rebutting David Brown on DPP's China policy

DPP's Tsai Ing-wen preparing to unveil China policy

Chinese agent Bill Moo does ‘disappearing’ act

China brings up arms sales with Biden

US Senators pressure Obama on jet sale

Chen Rong-jye: Legislative Yuan’s loss of face due to the KMT

Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen warns Biden on China

Tsai Ing-wen makes policy proposals on balanced development

DPP delegation meets Aung San Suu Kyi

US officials vow no talk of F-16s on Biden’s visit

Taipei Times editorial: Ma-China honeymoon seems over

Hacking attack on the DPP is a potential "Watergate"

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: Geography is not fate; Taiwan still has options

J. Michael Cole: F-16C/D deal for Taiwan dead, Defense News report

J. Michael Cole: Radar upgrade for F-16s in doubt

US Congressional report: Taiwan significant to US, but rising concerns

Yang Liu Hsiu-hwa: Being an independent state

Taipei Times editorial: Act before your apathy does

DPP's Tsai Ing-wen to meet US officials and speak at Harvard

Liu Shih-chung: US weapons sales will just be mere symbolism

Hackers attack DPP’s presidential campaign office

United States gives Taiwan assurances on Biden China trip

J. Michael Cole: Facing non-democratic choices

Bob Sutter: Taiwan’s ‘freedom of action’ in danger

James Wang: To be or not to be Taiwanese or Chinese

US House urge Obama to sell Taiwan F-16s

President Ma Ying-jeou under pressure to answer open letter’s allegations

International scholars: Open Letter to President Ma on Lee Teng-hui indictment

June 2011

Michael Danielsen: KMT has no ideas for a third way for Taiwan

DPP says ECFA claims are overblown

Ministry of Defense denies claims new F-16 bid failed

Former AIT Chair Nat Bellocchi: US needs ambition, aspirations for Taiwan

Former AIT Chair Richard Bush: warns on political system

Li Thian-hok: Safeguarding Taiwan’s freedom

Lai I-chung: Ma sending dangerous message on arms sales

Ma Ing-jeou: ‘One China’ idea up for discussion

Taipei Times editorial: DPP campaign off to a slow start

Ted Chang: Shifting the dynamics in the ‘1992 framework’

Taiwan legislators reject ‘One China, two governments’

Joe Bosco calls for strategic clarity

DPP heavyweights join Tsai Ing-wen campaign team

J. Michael Cole: Who’s in charge of policymaking?

Taipei Times editorial: ‘No surprises’ cable is no surprise

Peter Mattis: US Congress needs to act on TRA

Tsai Ing-wen reaffirms willingness to hold talks with Beijing

DPP whip: Su Tseng-chang could take on legislative role

Prof. Chen Yi-shen: Stubborn attitude left Taiwan out in the cold

Liberty Timews editorial: Seeing through China’s strategy

Mei-chin Chen: Renewable energy is Taiwan’s best option

Wikileaks cable: ‘No surprises’ approach outlined

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: US Congress, a friend to Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Abdicating sovereignty, little by little

Congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen warns China on Taiwan

DPP poll showns Tsai Ing-wen with a slight edge

J. Michael Cole: Demystifying China’s ‘red line’ on the F-16s

Gerrit van der Wees: Drawing back the ‘Bamboo Curtain’

Milo Thornberry: Fireproof Moth: A Missionary in Taiwan’s White Terror

Hu Jintao eager for Taiwan legacy

Leon Panetta: China mulls Taiwan ‘contingencies’

Taiwan's share of Chinese market continues to fall

Mei-chin Chen: Taiwan must fight for true justice

US Congress: Pressure for F-16 sales mounts

AmCham warns of over-reliance on trade with China

Paul Deacon: Don't count on the US

Hsiao Yatan: The coexistence of two Chinas

James Wang: Clearly there is more than ‘one China’ in the world

Tsai Ing-wen departs for Europe

Liu Shih-chung: Overseas trips are electoral test

Lin Feng-jen: Airman's Chiang wrongful execution: Why is no one held accountable?

Taipei Times editorial: Taiwan needs global FTAs to prosper

Hoon Ting: Untangling ‘one China’ and its two ideologies

Prof. James Holmes: Offshore balancing and Taiwan

Tsai Ing-wen calls for more measures to support democracy in China

Mei-chin Chen: Ma’s human rights promises do not reflect actuality

April 2011

DPP County Magistrate Su Chih-fen acquitted in bribe case

Tsai Ing-wen enters presidential race with a lead

Rev. Milo Thornberry: Presidential Office stirs up feeling of déja vu

DPP legislator Tsai Huang-liang: Apologize to AIT for Chen article

Taipei Times editorial: Comic book no laughing matter

DPP's Tsai Ing-wen to run for President

Prof. Jerome Keating: Ma’s overkill response akin to CCP

China warns DPP as it picks presidential nominee

Taipei Times editorial: Change is coming even to the KMT

Legislator Lin Cho-shui: Changing dates mere manipulation

Prof. Richard Kagan: Is the KMT ruling by law?

Mei-chin Chen: Election maneuvers to favor Ma Ying-jeou

DPP frontrunners leading against president in opinion poll

Thousands of DPP supporters rally to support candidates

James Wang: Impertinent interference or friendly concern?

Taipei Times editorial: Government starts to sound like PRC

Taiwan High Court turns down ECFA referendum appeal

Taipei Times editorial: Stopping at nothing to win elections

Signatories of Open Letter slam government response

DPP candidates end TV presentations off strong

Global Views survey: Most dissatisfied with Ma

Central Election Commission approves simultaneous elections

Presidential office explains timing of documents probe

Mei-chin Chen: The selective application of law is no law at all

Liberty Times editorial: The KMT uses law as a political weapon

J. Michael Cole: Combining elections means less democracy

Taipei Times editorial: Has the KMT gone crazy?

US Congress introduces "future of Taiwan" and F-16 resolution

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: There’s no need for US to ‘rethink’ on Taiwan

Obama top China hand Jeff Bader leaving White House NSC position

Taipei Times editorial: Differing views show DPP maturity

US expert Rick Fisher: China intent on taking over Taiwan

Taipei Times editorial: Rule of law or rule by law?

Presidential office hits back at academics’ letter

International scholars and writers: Open letter to Ma Ying-jeou’s KMT government

DPP hopefuls refine their platforms

US Human Rights report: Taiwan has room to improve

Tung Chen-yuan: Too soon to laud success of ECFA

Former SFRC chief of staff slams Washington over TRA

DPP presidential candidates set for TV debate

Prof. Peng Ming-min: Doubts over fortitude of Taiwanese democracy

Taipei Times editorial: The time for Washington to act is now

Liberty Times editorial: Taiwan can learn from Dalai Lama

DPP reaffirms support for late activist Cheng Nan-jung

Braintrust poll: Tsai Ing-wen edging out Su Tseng-chang

Taipei Times editorial: Donations should go to relief

Li Thian-hok: The US cannot appease the Chinese

James Wang: Revisionist Chiang Kai-shek history fools no one

In Washington support is growing for F-16 sale

Taipower's ‘dirty’ nuclear plants raise concerns

Tsai Ing-wen promises to reassess ECFA if elected president

Senator Richard Lugar: Taiwan faces prospect of non-credible fighter capability within decade

Former President Lee: slams MOFA for obstructing Japan relief effort

Winston Dang: Embracing a non-nuclear future

Kurt Campbell: US seeks reduced cross-strait tensions

Jim Steinberg resigns as US deputy secretary of state

Randy Schriver: Calls to ‘abandon’ Taiwan not mainstream view in US

Academic report: US arms sales creating ‘vicious circle’

February 2011

Ambassador Nat Bellocchi: The Middle East and China: A chance to stand on right side of history

Taipei Times editorial: China takes warning from Egypt

Academic forum: China lacks confidence in Ma

Ma Ying-jeou piqued at lack of Manila apology

Taipei 228 exhibits spark controversy

Wu Shu-jen decision divides lawmakers

Gary Schmitt: Taiwan must weigh its F-16 options

Taipei Times editorial: Caution, there is danger ahead

Former President Chen's wife Wu Shu-jen spared jail due to health

Andrew Cheng: Working to defend the democracy of Taiwan

DPP's Su Tseng-chang proposes "Taiwan consensus"

Liberty Times editorial: Philippines dispute reveals ‘one China’ trap

Former MAC Chair Joseph Wu: Ties should be contingent on PRC goodwill

Ex US NSC official warns on ‘overreaction’ to spy case

Liu I-ming: Espionage case shakes public trust in military

Yang-Liu Hsiu-Hwa: Philippine extradition a wake up call

Former DOD official Ed Ross: Ball in Taiwan’s camp on missile defense

Former legislator Lin Cho-shui: In search of international good will

Democratic Progressive Party: Free speech in peril

Presidential Office attacks ‘inappropriate’ criticism

Michael Green: F-16s a test of US support

FAPA president Yang: Ma’s ‘mainland’ call is a ‘throwback’

Prof. Alexander Young: The US needs to speak up on Taiwan

Huang Tien-lin: China once again shows how to use diplomacy

Ma Ying-jeou wants a return to use of ‘mainland’

Huntsman’s US run could draw attention to Taiwan

MOFA protests Philippines over deportations to China

Taiwan diplomat in Australia condemns ‘totalitarian’ China over ‘spy’ detention

Paul Wolfowitz: Chinese growth a danger and opportunity