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Major Recent Events and Issues:

August 2002: President Chen: Taiwan going our own way

August 2001: Full and equal UN membership

March 2000: Presidential Elections

"Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some Major Events of the Last Few Years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

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The Taipei Times is Taiwan's prime English-language newspaper. Below, we link to a number of its editorials and articles on important issues.

Selected Articles and Editorials in 2001

November 2001

19 November 2001: Seven shipbuilders interested in constructing submarines

19 November 2001: First Lady foresees improved European ties

18 November 2001: Czech President praises Chen at meeting with First Lady

18 November 2001: Dec. 1 vote to shape political landscape

17 November 2001: Editorial: Waiting for the KMT's implosion

16 November 2001: Jim Doran: In memory of US Congressman Gerald Solomon

16 November 2001: Bonnie Hsieh: Pushing Taiwan into a "One China" trap

16 November 2001: Chuck DeVore: China may be toying with Taipei

15 November 2001: First Lady accepts Freedom Price at European Parliament on Chen's behalf

14 November 2001: Editorial: Towards a brave new world

13 November 2001: Editorial: Steely resolve now essential

12 November 2001: Editorial: The years of living dangerously

12 November 2001: "We're in the WTO at last!"

11 November 2001: Editorial: Taiwan's absurd campaign culture

11 November 2001: Christopher Lingle: Act now to block Beijing meddling

10 November 2001: Editorial: Democracy and free speech are twins

10 November 2001: President's wife leaves for European award ceremony

08 November 2001: Prof. Shih Chih-yu: China at a loss in cross-Strait affairs

08 November 2001: Lee Teng-hui: "1992 consensus" doesn't exist

05 November 2001: Editorial: President Chen's book explains slow reform

04 November 2001: Editorial: Risky business in China

04 November 2001: Li Thian-hok: The forthcoming Chinese invasion

04 November 2001: Liu Kuan-teh: Denmark needs to show courage

03 November 2001: Taiwan loses a fiery independence fighter

03 November 2001: Editorial: Letting words speak for themselves

01 November 2001: Editorial: Walking into China's trap

September 2001

30 September 2001: Taiwan scholars warn of trouble ahead

29 September 2001: Editorial: Taiwan needs a unifying cause

29 September 2001: Paul Lin: The world's biggest terrorist threat

26 September 2001: Editorial: KMT and NP: a slate headed for failure

25 September 2001: Nat Bellocchi: Learning how to deal with the devil

23 September 2001: Editorial: China's extortion no surprise

13 September 2001: Powell assures Taipei there's no deal with China

22 September 2001: Editorial: KMT turns its back on Lee Teng-hui -- and Taiwan

22 September 2001: Will Mittler: Beijing no defender of freedom

19 September 2001: Taiwan gets green light for WTO after 11 years

18 September 2001: Editorial: The KMT's kamikaze mission

17 September 2001: Editorial: UN bid misses the point -- again

17 September 2001: Lee Teng-hui urges KMT to put own house in order

12 September 2001: Editorial: KMT digging its own grave

12 September 2001: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: UN bid is marathon worth running

10 September 2001: Editorial: Our name is Taiwan, not ROC

10 September 2001: Wu Shu-min et al: No beating around the bush with UN bid

9 September 2001: Taipei demonstration: UN membership under "Taiwan" name

9 September 2001: Editorial: Facing up to China's challenge

8 September 2001: Editorial: SFPT 50 years, missed opportunity for Taiwan

8 September 2001: Li Thian-hok: Taiwan's economy at a crossroads

7 September 2001: Editorial: The pied piper of Beijing

7 September 2001: Wang Taitzer: Taiwan's status still unresolved

6 September 2001: Resolutions in US Congress backing Taiwan

5 September 2001: Editorial: KMT blind to the reality gap

3 September 2001: Editorial: Moving past "agreeing to disagree"

July 2001

31 July 2001: Editorial: KMT Congress: when the blind lead the blind

31 July 2001: Nat Bellocchi: Ignorance of Taiwan is widespread

29 July 2001: Christopher Lingle: China unlikely to defy economic slowdown

29 July 2001: Wang Yeh-lih: KMT Congress may produce new tricks

28 July 2001: Editorial: Scholars under the gun

27 July 2001: Editorial: Standing up to the schoolyard bully

26 July 2001: US "willing to consider" missile plan

25 July 2001: Editorial: Standing tall for Taiwan

24 July 2001: Trong Chai: Taiwan should not depend on Washington

24 July 2001: Li Thian-hok: The Beijing Olympics and Taiwan

20 July 2001: Editorial: One China is just a mirage

20 July 2001: Paul Lin: New Party hoodwinked by Beijing

19 July 2001: Editorial: Missile defense not pie in the sky

18 July 2001: Editorial: Taipei Times: Olympics decision hurts Taiwan

18 July 2001: MAC debunks new unification surveys

17 July 2001: Editorial: Taipei Times: Nothing secret about these (Lien and Soong) lies

16 July 2001: Julian Baum: Impact of Olympics uncertain

14 July 2001: Editorial: Olympics; A sorry excuse for celebration

14 July 2001: Nat Bellocchi: Leave it to the governed to decide

13 July 2001: Chinese dissidents warn against Beijing Olympic bid

11 July 2001: Editorial: Media manipulation insidious

9 July 2001: Editorial: Confederation? The emperor's new clothes

8 July 2001: President Chen interviewed by Jane's Defense Weekly

8 July 2001: Editorial: Beijing resorts to hostage taking

1 July 2001: Editorial: CCP birthday no cause for celebration

May 2001

29 May 2001: Editorial: When "no's" mean yes

29 May 2001: Huang Tien-lin: China a fool's paradise for Taiwan

28 May 2001: Editorial: Lee Teng-hui the vampire killer

27 May 2001: Straight-talking Lee Teng-hui has last laugh

27 May 2001: Editorial: The obscenity of pandering to China

27 May 2001: President Chen reminds UN of "universal privilege"

26 May 2001: Building a bridge to the European Union

25 May 2001: Nat Bellocchi: US, Taiwan goals for China differ

25 May 2001: Gerrit van der Wees: Ralph Cossa's reasoning flawed

24 May 2001: Editorial: China has a reason to behave

23 May 2001: President Chen makes debut in the Big Apple

23 May 2001: Chen thanks US for expressing its long support

22 May 2001: Editorial: Bon voyage, Mr. President

22 May 2001: Chen leaves for US and beyond

21 May 2001: Editorial: A rose by any other name

20 May 2001: The Chen presidency: One year On

19 May 2001: Editorial: APEC, an opportunity not to be missed

18 May 2001: Holmes Liao: Military balance needs assessment

15 May 2001: Prof. Chen Ching-chih: Austria's Anschluss is a lesson for Taiwan

13 May 2001: US approves transit stop for President Chen

13 May 2001: Editorial: Vincent Siew's China trip a bust

12 May 2001: Editorial: A challenge for AmCham

8 May 2001: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: China a human rights bully in the UN

8 May 2001: Nat Bellocchi: Democracy the key to US support

6 May 2001: Editorial: The KMT's "May 4th" movement a waste of energy

5 May 2001: Editorial: DPP not to blame for economic woes

3 May 2001: Wendell Minnick: US should be able to deliver on submarines

3 May 2001: President Chen: Taiwan can build own subs

March 2001

28 March 2001: Prof. June Dreyer urges more robust policy towards Taiwan

24 March 2001: Editorial: Qian gets cool reception in USA

23 March 2001: Editorial: The time for kowtowing is long past

19 March 2001: Independence activists urge support for President Chen

18 March 2001: Editorial: Taipei Times: Chen should pitch "middle path"

18 March 2001: President Chen walks fine line at WTC Congress

January 2001

30 January 2001: Knives come out in nuclear debate

30 January 2001: Anti-nuclear activist sets himself aflame

29 January 2001: President Chen holds firm on anti-nuclear stance

22 January 2001: Editorial: Public referendum is the answer

22 January 2001: President Chen warns Bush over China threat

21 January 2001: Editorial: US inauguration brings mixed emotions

21 January 2001: Lin Yi-hsiung urges public debate on nuclear plant issue

20 January 2001: Editorial: No-confidence a no-win

20 January 2001: Michael Fonte: Bush gets advice on Taiwan policy

19 January 2001: Editorial: Let true democracy bloom

19 January 2001: Doug Bandow: Let Taiwan enter the WTO first

16 January 2001: Grand Justices call Nuclear 4 decision "flawed" but not unconstitutional

16 January 2001: Li Thian-hok: Chen sent Beijing the wrong message

16 January 2001: Ralph Cossa: Bush will continue to back Taiwan

15 January 2001: Editorial: EU is no confederation model

13 January 2001: Nat Bellocchi: US Cabinet deputies good for US-Taiwan relations

7 January 2001: Christopher Lingle: Identifying the enemies of the Chinese people

6 January 2001: Editorial: Political parties need to shape up

6 January 2001: Mei-chin Chen: Taiwan needs more acceptance, less advice

5 January 2001: Rev. William Lo: Taiwanese lose values on the road to success

4 January 2001: Editorial: KMT gets friendly with the Communists

2 January 2001: Editorial: China deserves the back burner

2 January 2001: President Chen Shui-bian: Six major goals for the new year

1 January 2001: Editorial: For the good of the country

1 January 2001: Nat Bellocchi: Powell definitely has what it takes

1 January 2001: Trong Chai: Asking for trouble with small three links

December 2001

29 December 2001: Editorial: A little bit of history goes a long way

29 December 2001: Liu Kuan-teh: The need to reform the legislature

27 December 2001: Editorial: Identity crisis threatens security

26 December 2001: Editorial: Standing tall for one's country

26 December 2001: Nat Bellocchi: The road to a stronger economy

25 December 2001: Rick Chu: Time to wake up and smell the tea

25 December 2001: Control Yuan report: National security in danger

24 December 2001: Prof. Wang To-far: No time to be marching into China

22 December 2001: Editorial: Another reason for caution

20 December 2001: Bo Tedards: Don't pull punches on KMT assets

17 December 2001: Editorial: Constitution doesn't reflect reality

17 December 2001: Paul Lin: China's election response typical

16 December 2001: University professors: Parties must join hands for Taiwan

15 December 2001: Brian Kennedy: Human rights at a crossroads

14 December 2001: Editorial: China faces a new world

14 December 2001: Liu Kuan-teh: China must learn to live with President Chen

12 December 2001: Michael Fonte: Taiwan elections strengthen ties with US

10 December 2001: Editorial: There are none so blind ...

10 December 2001: Rev. Kao Chun-ming advocates Taiwan name change

9 December 2001: Lee Chang-kuei: Elections sent "unification" packing

9 December 2001: Editorial: Human rights must remain an issue

7 December 2001: Editorial: When sharks unite, watch out!

6 December 2001: Editorial: Beijing keeps its blinders on

6 December 2001: Liu Kuan-teh: No more "one China" fantasies now

4 December 2001: Lee Teng-hui inaugurates Taiwan Advocates

3 December 2001: Taiwan Advocates starts up

2 December 2001: Editorial: A new day dawns for Taiwan

October 2001

31 October 2001: Editorial: It's time to vote out the charlatans

28 October 2001: Prof. Peng Ming-min: Ideals, reality in a state of conflict

28 October 2001: Editorial: Watch for China's WTO sabotage

28 October 2001: Lee Teng-hui: TSU candidates his "top graduates"

27 October 2001: Editorial: Jiang Zemin's delusion of greatness

27 October 2001: US Congress backs Taiwan in APEC row

27 October 2001: Laurence Eaton: The DPP shifts from left to center

24 October 2001: Lee Teng-hui: "State to state" the bottom line

23 October 2001: Le Monde slams France's move to deny president Chen a visa

23 October 2001: Editorial: France, land of the free not so free

22 October 2001: Lee Teng-hui: China's behaviour at APEC all too typical

21 October 2001: Editorial: After APEC, no more Mr. Nice Guy

20 October 2001: Taiwan won't attend APEC summit

20 October 2001: Editorial: APEC absence no big deal

18 October 2001: Editorial: "Small three links" a dysmal failure

15 October 2001: Editorial: Exposing the KMT's kleptocracy

14 October 2001: Editorial: Nobel price: expectations of peace

12 October 2001: Editorial: Opposition alliance a joke

10 October 2001: Editorial: Stooges worse than missiles

10 October 2001: Paul Lin: China plays the hypocrite, again

9 October 2001: Editorial: Taiwan launches its own strike

9 October 2001: Nat Bellocchi: Attacks divert world's attention

7 October 2001: US support for Taiwan firm despite demands from China

5 October 2001: Prof. Chen Lung-chu et al: Independence must be asserted

5 October 2001: Chin Heng-wei: Election race gets more complex

3 October 2001: Editorial: Taipei Times: Danger without and without

3 October 2001: US military presence in Asia to grow

August 2001

31 August 2001: Ralph Cossa: Put Taiwanese national security first

31 August 2001: Paul Lin: Gaining UN entry requires patience

16 August 2001: Henry Hyde: Taiwan's new voice in Washington

23 August 2001: Nat Bellocchi: Business, beware of Chinese unrest

21 August 2001: Editorial: The KMT showdown draws nigh

20 August 2001: Editorial: The DPP can't get the economy story right

19 August 2001: Liberal International asks EU to welcome Chen

19 August 2001: US reports blasts Kuomintang interference

18 August 2001: An open letter to the people of Taiwan

17 August 2001: Trong Chai: Intelligence community must keep eyes open

13 August 2001: Editorial: The nuclear power referendum's demise

13 August 2001: Lee Teng-hui: Solidarity Union will end bickering

11 August 2001: Christopher Lingle: The China bubble: a losing gamble

11 August 2001: Paul Lin: It's time to call a rogue a rogue

10 August 2001: Editorial: All the President's men

09 August 2001: Editorial: James Soong; seeing the handwriting on the wall

08 August 2001: Editorial: Mr. Biden's "constructive engagement" myth

07 August 2001: Editorial: A visit from Typhoon Bill

06 August 2001: Editorial: UN membership, no time for quitters

05 August 2001: Chin Heng-wei: DPP must withstand TSU challenge

05 August 2001: Gavin Phipps: Filling in the blanks on Taiwan's maps

04 August 2001: Editorial: Time to get off the disaster treadmill

03 August 2001: Editorial: An opportunity not to be missed

02 August 2001: Editorial: Dinosaurs a reminder of a dark past

June 2001

30 June 2001: Editorial: The unmaking of a spy

30 June 2001: Lee Chang-kuei: Lee Teng-hui - Abian alliance shows merit

28 June 2001: Lee Teng-hui calls on Taiwan to support President Chen Shui-bian

27 June 2001: Editorial: Green grass and the other side

27 June 2001: Chin Heng-wei: Those who love Taiwan don't mind saying so

26 June 2001: Ambassador Bellocchi: No bad start for US' China policy

26 June 2001: Grand old man of Taiwan politics returns to battle

26 June 2001: Taiwan still struggles with identity

25 June 2001: Editorial: Time for common sense to prevail

25 June 2001: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Taiwan and the United Nations

24 June 2001: Editorial: China won't play by the rules

24 June 2001: Bonnie Hsieh: National anthem a relic of KMT rule

23 June 2001: Editorial: Missiles prove China's hypocrisy

23 June 2001: US official backs Abian's cross-strait strategy

22 June 2001: Editorial: Don't sell out to China

20 June 2001: Editorial: No one to blame but themselves

20 June 2001: Nat Bellocchi: Time for a reality check in US policy towards Taiwan

19 June 2001: Editorial: Macedonia, turning rejection into an opportunity

17 June 2001: Abian-Lee Teng-hui alliance steals the limelight

17 June 2001: Editorial: Lien's depravity left Lee no choice

15 June 2001: Editorial: Where is the "mainstream"?

13 June 2001: Editorial: Soong is on the road to nowhere

11 June 2001: Editorial: At last, a clear choice

09 June 2001: Taiwan's MAC rejects China's strategy of threats and verbal bluster

09 June 2001: Editorial: Towards a new political order

09 June 2001: Lin Li: Two men on missions, one remembered

05 June 2001: Editorial: PLA propaganda harms only China

03 June 2001: Editorial: US aircraft carrier group steams towards Taiwan

April 2001

30 April 2001: Editorial: Elmer Fung, a dangerous liaison

29 April 2001: Editorial: "One China" principle unacceptable

27 April 2001: Editorial: Arms sales an opportunity for peace

20 April 2001: Prof. Chen Wen-yen: Taiwan is not a chip for the US to play with

19 April 2001: Editorial: US-China stand-off -- round two

19 April 2001: Editorial: US may sell submarines

18 April 2001: Editorial: A nation in search of leadership

16 April 2001: Editorial: Even the paranoid have enemies

16 April 2001: Professors Association publishes list of legislature trouble makers

15 April 2001: President Chen urges US senators to sell arms

15 April 2001: Prof. Chen Lung-chu: China should dismantle its missiles

9 April 2001: Taipei Times: Taipei Times: Who wins the spy-plane standoff?

7 April 2001: Taipei Times: When staying home makes sense

4 April 2001: Nat Bellocchi: The US' China policy needs clarity

3 April 2001: Li Thian-hok: It's time to choose fight or flight

3 April 2001: Tsering Namgyal: The Dalai Lama's trip isn't about Beijing

February 2001

18 February 2001: Editorial: We need a president, not a lawyer

17 February 2001: Editorial: "Interim" means a life sentence

17 February 2001: Premier Chang stands firm on referendum idea

14 February 2001: Taiwan government gives in on power plant

12 February 2001: Editorial: Watch Ma Ying-jeou's trip carefully

12 February 2001: Chris MacDonald: Nuclear power in its last hurrah

9 February 2001: CIA director warns of Chinese military

7 February 2001: Editorial: A pragmatic arms buildup

6 February 2001: Editorial: Taipei Times: Plumbing the depths of politics

6 February 2001: Lee Weng-ying: Nuclear4: will the government let Taiwan decide?

4 February 2001: Editorial: If Falung Gong today, who's next?

3 February 2001: Editorial: It's time for a referendum

1 February 2001: Editorial: Questionable passion and politics

1 February 2001: KMT lawyers question decision not to prosecute Soong