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Security in the Taiwan Strait
On 25 February 1999, the US Department of Defense issued a report on Security in the Taiwan Strait. On 24 March 1999, the Senate introduced a Bill on Taiwan's Security, while on 18 May, the House version was introduced.

Below we link to the text of the report and the Bills, as well as to news reports and commentaries from major newsmedia around the world.

26 October 1999 Amended version of H.R. 1838"Taiwan Security Enhancement Act" introduced. The Bill passes the full House on 1 February 2000.

22 July 1999 US House passes an amendment to House Resolution 2415, part of the State Department Authorization

18 May 1999 US House Bill H.R. 1838: "Taiwan Security Enhancement Act"

4 May 1999 DOD report:"Theater Missile Defense Architecture Options for the Asia-Pacific Region"

24 March 1999 US Senate Bill S.693: "Taiwan Security Enhancement Act"

25 February 1999 DOD report: "Security in the Taiwan Strait"

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