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Major Recent Events and Issues:

October 2004: The EU arms embargo against China

March 2004: Referendum and Presidential Elections

August 2002: President Chen: Taiwan going our own way

August 2001: Full and equal UN membership

March 2000: Presidential Elections

"Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some Major Events of the Last Few Years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

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The Taipei Times is Taiwan's prime English-language newspaper. Below, we link to a number of its editorials and articles on important issues.

Selected Articles and Editorials in 2004

November 2004

December 2004

30 November 2004:Taipei Times: Follow the "Vanuatu model"

30 November 2004:Antonio Chiang: "Soft coup" was merely anxiety

29 November 2004:Taipei Times: Missing: two policy platforms

29 November 2004:Richard Halloran: China's subs coming into play

29 November 2004:Lee Teng-hui: WW-II key no nation's status

28 November 2004:Taipei Times: Let's de-politicize de-Sinicization

28 November 2004:President Chen: "Taiwan Province" not needed

27 November 2004:Taipei Times: Taiwan is already on the world stage

27 November 2004:Ku Er-teh: Troubled KMT in state of decline

25 November 2004:Nat Bellocchi: Policy of constraint is a tug of war

25 November 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: President directing the election agenda

24 November 2004:Taipei Times: China is an obstacle to peace

23 November 2004:Taipei Times: The KMT must shed symbols

22 November 2004:Taipei Times: Chen can't rely on Lien Chan's stupidity

22 November 2004:Cheng Wei-chun: Who needs a "father of the nation"anyway?

22 November 2004:Joseph Wu: China's influence a problem for Taiwan-EU ties

22 November 2004:Mr. Bush: calls on China to show restraint

21 November 2004:Liberty Times: Taiwan is sovereign but abnormal

21 November 2004:Taipei Times: Ma's nitpicking won't work

20 November 2004:Taipei Times: Follow Vaclav Havel moral example

19 November 2004:Charles Snyder: Bush - Lee Yuan-tseh meet "likely"

19 November 2004:Taipei Times: Bush needs stability in Asia

19 November 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: Frank talks essential for security in the Strait

18 November 2004:Charles Snyder: Rice expected to push for cross-strait talks

17 November 2004:US Department of Defense: China boosting cyberwar ability

16 November 2004:Taipei Times: The military has passed the test

16 November 2004:Chin Heng-wei: New textbooks will simply tell the truth

15 November 2004:Taipei Times: Loosen the colonial chains

14 November 2004:Taipei Times: Sub incident shows China's stripes

13 November 2004:Taipei Times: Seize the opportunity for peace

13 November 2004:Huang Tien-lin: "Going West"threatening Taiwan's sovereignty

12 November 2004:United States praises Chen Shui-bian's peace plan

11 November 2004:Taipei Times: The KMT is nothing without its assets

11 November 2004:Paul Lin: Resist China's divisive approach

11 November 2004:Taiwan Cabinet gives Mr. Ma a history class

10 November 2004:Taipei Times: The need for a new Constitution evident

10 November 2004:Mei-chin Chen: Powell doesn't know about Taiwan

09 November 2004:Taipei Times: China totters on the brink of chaos

09 November 2004:Sushil Seth: China is looking for a quid pro quo

09 November 2004:Taiwan Professors' Association writes Taiwanese Constitution

09 November 2004:Opinion survey backs sovereign and independent Taiwan

08 November 2004:Foreign Minister Mark Chen: Beijing's diplomatic behaviour is "disgraceful"

07 November 2004:President Chen tells TIME: Taiwan an independent, sovereign nation

07 November 2004:Lee Teng-hui fires salvos on the hustings

07 November 2004:Richard Hazeldine: Time for Lien Chan to step down

06 November 2004:Taipei Times: Pan-blues could learn from Kerry

06 November 2004:Nat Bellocchi: More US-Taiwan dialogue needed

06 November 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: Construct a more open US-Taiwan relationship

05 November 2004:Taipei Times: Blue camp, losing without honor

05 November 2004:Li Thian-hok: Bush must close ranks with Taipei

05 November 2004:Charles Snyder: US expected to rethink its Taiwan role

05 November 2004:Ted Galen Carpenter: On Colin Powell's dismal kowtow

04 November 2004:Prof. Ruan Ming: The secret of Taiwan's success

04 November 2004:Taipei Times: US, Taiwan are democratic partners

03 November 2004:Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Taiwan is a modern, sovereign nation

02 November 2004:Chin Heng-wei: Some gain for Taiwan in Powell's comments

September 2004

30 September 2004:Taipei Times: Low PFP support reflects a mood

30 September 2004:Richard Kagan: Hu Jintao's US Civil War analogy is inaccurate

29 September 2004:Cheng Ying-yao et al: Arms budget is a counter to China

28 September 2004:Taipei Times: Speech should set a good precedent

28 September 2004:Legislative Yuan gets ready for President Chen's "State of the Nation"

27 September 2004:Taipei Times: US: know where your interests lie

27 September 2004:Li Thian-hok: Beware Beijing's false friendships

27 September 2004:Eugene Liu: For peace, prepare for war

27 September 2004:Prof. Peng Ming-min's memoires reflect on democratic evolution

26 September 2004:Taipei Times: There is little upstairs at the KMT

26 September 2004:Prof. Peng Ming-min: suggests protesters to try out Beijing

26 September 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: Pan-blues have shot themselves in the foot

25 September 2004:Taipei Times: With friends like these...

25 September 2004:Richard Halloran: Tricky days ahead for Hu Jintao and China

23 September 2004:Taipei Times: Kayser case shows blurred relations

23 September 2004:DPP celebrates 18 years of fighting fo democracy

22 September 2004:Sushil Seth: The emperor's new clothes are old

22 September 2004:Jerome Keating: What Soong should debate

20 September 2004:Taipei Times: the language issue in national-level exams

20 September 2004:Hsu Szu-chien: Keeping an eye on the bigger picture

20 September 2004:Mac William Bishop: Keyser trip unoffical but hardly a secret

19 September 2004:Foreign Minister Chen rushes to the US

19 September 2004:Taipei Times: time to take off the kid gloves

19 September 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: President Chen changes tack on UN strategy

19 September 2004:Liberty Times: Learning from Peng Ming-min's Declaration

18 September 2004:Taipei Times: The KMT gains little by crying wolf

18 September 2004:Wen Wei-ni: Persuading the EU to keep the China arms ban

18 September 2004:Premier Yu: denies knowing of Keyser meetings

17 September 2004:Taipei Times: Taking steps towards a UN seat

17 September 2004:Lee Long-hwa: Kofi Annan parrots Beijing's line

17 September 2004:President Chen Shui-bian's address to the UN press corps

17 September 2004:Taiwan's: 12th bid to UN membership fails

16 September 2004:Jan Peter Balkenende: Revitalizing belief in the EU

16 September 2004:Nat Bellocchi: Navigating the minefield of reform

16 September 2004:Paul Lin: Jiang's leaving won't change China's policy

15 September 2004:Prof. Chen Lung-chu: UN bid is more than just a dream

13 September 2004:Taiwan thinktanks: urge EU to uphold arms ban on China

13 September 2004:Michael Yuen: Republic of Taiwan needs US backing

12 September 2004:Wu Chih-chung: EU must not remove arms ban on China

11 September 2004:Thomas Chen: Honoring Peng Ming-min's manifesto

10 September 2004:Taipei Times: Bringing the Olympics to Taiwan

10 September 2004:Paul Lin: Hong Kong Democrats at a disadvantage

10 September 2004:Chin Heng-wei: The rot in the pan-blue camp runs to the core

07 September 2004:Taipei Times: Time to choose a successor

07 September 2004:Alison Hsieh (from Athens): "One China" violates our rights

06 September 2004:Paul Lin: Democracy in the region at a critical crossroads

05 September 2004:President Chen (in Seattle): praises Taiwan-US relationship

05 September 2004:Liberty Times: China's unification efforts will fail

05 September 2004:Lin Yu-chong: Insist on using "Taiwan"

04 September 2004:President Chen (in Belize) says "Taiwan" is the best name

04 September 2004:Prof. Chen Ching-chih: US must be firm in its support for Taiwanese

03 September 2004:Foreign Minister Mark Chen briefly meets Powell in Panama

03 September 2004:DPP liaison in US blasts Republican error

03 September 2004:Chen Hurng-yu: Singapore panders to China, again

03 September 2004:Richard Halloran: Redrawing the line in the water

02 September 2004:Taipe Times: China should trust Taiwan's goodwill

02 September 2004:Swedish Parliament: Taiwan has Swedish friends

01 September 2004:Taipe Times: Rest in peace "Chinese, Taipei"

01 September 2004:US Republicans support Taiwan

01 September 2004:Daniel McCarthy: The empty talk of Singapore

July 2004

31 July 2004:Chiu Teh-hung: New path for a fallen KMT woodpecker

30 July 2004:Taipei Times: Military budget needs support

30 July 2004:President Chen takes part in submarine excercise

30 July 2004:Former President Lee: Mass movement key to national sovereignty

29 July 2004:Andrew Yang: US should take a clear stand in the Strait

29 July 2004:Lao Pao: Reform of the media a must for democracy

28 July 2004:Lee Teng-hui: Our future is revealed by looking at the past

28 July 2004:Kenneth Choy: The KMT misses another chance

23 July 2004:Taipei Times: Infighting may destroy the blue camp

23 July 2004:Li Thian-hok: An open letter to US Senator Kerry

23 July 2004:Pan-blue lawyers concede defeat on election recount

22 July 2004:Taipei Times: Chinese tourists threaten security

22 July 2004:Democratic Progressive Party counters "Bulletgate"

22 July 2004:Wu Ming-chi: Rice broke new ground in Beijing

21 July 2004:Taipei Times: The KMT still doesn't get democracy

21 July 2004:Nat Bellocchi: It's time to revisit the status quo

17 July 2004:US Congress backs TRA Resolution

14 July 2004:Taipei Times: Thieves and thugs run China

14 July 2004:Arthur Waldron: Status quo defined by the US

13 July 2004:Great Britain would welcome cross-Strait dialogue

13 July 2004:David Johnson: The mythical mainland

11 July 2004:Taipei Times: US arms sales put into perspective

11 July 2004:Liberty Times: Panel on shooting not necessary

10 July 2004:Taipei Times: Chiang family now rooted in Taiwan

10 July 2004:Ku Chung-hwa: Taiwan's Constitution at crossroads

09 July 2004:Taipei Times: China's military threat no illusion

07 July 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: China showing its real face in Hong Kong

06 July 2004:Richard Halloran: Chen plays key role in cross-strait relations

06 July 2004:Yao Chia-wen: Forging democracy, one step at a time

05 July 2004:Taipei Times: The whole truth, and nothing less

05 July 2004:Nat Bellocchi: Time for the US to make new rules

05 July 2004:Charles Snyder: US Security Commission keeps dodging "One China" issue

04 July 2004:Taipei Times: Making deals for arms purchases

02 July 2004:Lee Teng-hui Launches Constitutional campaign

02 July 2004:Li Thian-hok: US "realism" unsettling for Taiwan

01 July 2004:Taipei Times: Ask not for whom the bell tolls...

01 July 2004:Hsu Yung-ming: "Status quo"is just an easy choice

May 2004

31 May 2004:Taipei Times: Black is white, wrong is right...

30 May 2004:Liberty Times: China is blind to Taiwan's people

30 May 2004:United States warns of China's cloud across the Strait

30 May 2004:Former president Lee insists on a new Constitution

29 May 2004:Taipei Times: China can learn from KMT's defeat

29 May 2004:Mac William Bishop: Send the Marines to school, not to Iraq

29 May 2004:President Chen urges EU to take an active role

28 May 2004:Taipei Times: No more fantasies about China

28 May 2004:Bruce Jacobs: Chen made good; now it's the turn of the KMT

27 May 2004:Pro-independence groups demand new Constitution

26 May 2004:President Chen tells WFTA he hasn't backtracked

25 May 2004:Taipei Times: China's threats only isolates its leaders

25 May 2004:Chen Fang-ming: Vital youth versus geriatric blues

24 May 2004:Sushil Seth: China's possible rethink on Taiwan

24 May 2004:Paul Lin: History sheds light on ethnic interaction

24 May 2004:President Chen Shui-bian expresses wish to make trip to Capitol Hill

23 May 2004:Former President Lee: Spit on the pan-blue leaders

23 May 2004:Liberty Times: Leading Taiwan to normalcy

22 May 2004:Harvey Feldman: WHA bid marked progress in global ties

22 May 2004:Australian Representative Michael Danby: Advice to Chen; steady as she goes

22 May 2004:Taipei Times: Meeting military threats with candy floss

22 May 2004:US House of Representatives approves expanded defense ties with Taiwan

21 May 2004:US Congressmen congratulate President Chen on inauguration

21 May 2004:Congressman Leach: President Chen's speech was constructive

21 May 2004:Taipei Times: Inaugural speech: a missed opportunity

21 May 2004:Taipei Times: Inaugural speech: a missed opportunity

20 May 2004:President Chen's inaugural speech: Paving the way for a sustainable Taiwan

20 May 2004:Taipei Times: Much must be expected from President Chen

20 May 2004:Congressman Jim Leach: The US is proud of Taiwan

19 May 2004:Taipei Times: China needs a history lesson

19 May 2004:Prof. Koh Se-kai to head Taiwan mission in Japan

19 May 2004:Frank Wu: Four fundamentals for the future

17 May 2004:Koo Kuan-min: Taiwan is not a colony of the US

17 May 2004:Taiwan pins its WHO hopes on allies

16 May 2004:Lee Teng-hui's new book sheds light on last days of CCK

16 May 2004:Prof. Chen Lung-chu: WHO role critical for Taiwan to aid health

16 May 2004:Kuomintang is split on "Chinese"in its name

15 May 2004:Taipei Times: Chen must use words carefully

15 May 2004:Prof. Lee Hung-hsi suggests President Chen ditch "five noes"in second term

15 May 2004:Hsiao Bikhim: An updated Constitution nothing to be afraid of

14 May 2004:Prof. Edward Chen: Ask the people about unification

14 May 2004:Diplomatic allies present Taiwan's bid for WHO observership

14 May 2004:Pro-independence groups warn against "five noes"

13 May 2004:Taipei Times: WHO acts as China's accomplice

13 May 2004:Holmes Liao: Blue-camp bullies behaving badly

13 May 2004:Paul Lin: China showing signs of new thinking

12 May 2004:Su Tseng-chang to take Presidential Office reins

12 May 2004:Chen Po-chih: Investors learn China isn't a land of promise

11 May 2004:Taipei Times: More media trickery will backfire

11 May 2004:Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Building Taiwan-EU relationships

11 May 2004:Liberty Times: Chinese investments prove risky

11 May 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: Political transitions are worth planning

10 May 2004:Taipei Times: What goes around comes around

10 May 2004:Yeh Chu-lan, politician in her own right

09 May 2004:Lee Teng-hui: The KMT party-state is dead

09 May 2004:Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Freedom of speech does not mean lawlessness

08 May 2004:Taipei Times: Taiwan deserves more respect

08 May 2004:US official urges care in inauguration speech

08 May 2004:US Congress approves bill in favor of Taiwan's WHO bid

08 May 2004:European Commission tells China to improve rights, then ask for arms

07 May 2004:Taipei Times: End the disingeous demagoguery

07 May 2004:Nat Bellocchi: Mutual understanding is the key

07 May 2004:Ruan Ming: Lien Chan: You want to talk about a coup d'etat?

06 May 2004:Paul Lin: It's time to focus on uniting the nation

05 May 2004:Taipei Times: Ma Ying-jeou's muddled thinking is bewildering

05 May 2004:Judy Wu: US antiquated policies not fair

04 May 2004:Taipei Times: Investing in a minefield

04 May 2004:Huang Tien-lin: Not every profit profits the nations

03 May 2004:Taipei Times: Poisoned words provoke changes

03 May 2004:Lee Teng-hui tells blue camp: It's all about identity

03 May 2004:Bo Tedards: A fair process makes elections free

02 May 2004:Taipei Times: The status quo is far from static

02 May 2004:Liberty Times: It's China's turn to bend a little

02 May 2004:Iap Hong Sum: Some watchdogs have rabies

01 May 2004:Taipei Times: Evaluating President Chen's leadership

01 May 2004:Paul Lin: US words reflect long-term change

01 May 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: Chen must seize the chance he's been given

March 2004

31 March 2004:Taipei Times: The truth shall set you free

31 March 2004:Chen Wen-chen Memorial Foundation: The history of KMT lies repeats itself

31 March 2004:Prof. Peng Hun: Taiwan is in need of discerning media

29 March 2004:Taipei Times: Do we need a recount or a shrink?

29 March 2004:Presbyterian Church: slams Lien and Soong

29 March 2004:Mac William Bischop: Lien and Soong: on the hunt for the white whale

28 March 2004:Taipei Times: We must rely on legal mechanisms

28 March 2004:President Chen replies to pan-blue rally request

28 March 2004:White House gives president Chen official congratulations

28 March 2004:Chin Heng-wei: Lien and Soong are trying to save their own hides

27 March 2004:Taipei Times: Democracy will ultimately prevail

27 March 2004:Andy Morton: Ma Ying-jeou should jump ship while lifeboat is still in reach

26 March 2004:Breaking News: Central Election Commission declares Chen the winner

26 March 2004: Breaking News: US to issue congratulations after CEC announcement

26 March 2004: Taipei Times: Why the charade?

26 March 2004: Liu Kuan-teh: US has no reason not to recognize Chen's win

26 March 2004: US Congress: sends congratulation letter to Chen and Lu

25 March 2004: Taipei Times: Pan-blues' distrust of democracy is evident

25 March 2004: Dty secr.-general Joseph Wu: At stake: democracy and the rule of law

24 March 2004: Taipei Times: Abiding by the law

24 March 2004:Martin Williams: Oh Gareth, the true crisis is yours

23 March 2004:Taipei Times: It's time to make peace

23 March 2004:Bruce Jacobs: Chen victorious is Taiwan's gain

23 March 2004:Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Chen gets congratulations

23 March 2004:Lee Long Hwa: Demagogue Lien shows his face

22 March 2004:Taipei Times: The referendum decided the election

22 March 2004:Liberty Times: Chen must unite the country behind him

22 March 2004:Bruno Kaufmann: Lessons can be learned from the referendum

21 March 2004:Taipei Times: Election reaction is playing with fire

21 March 2004:President Chen: overcomes the odds, is re-elected

21 March 2004:Wang Yeh-lih: Chen will not get a honeymoon

20 March 2004:President and Vice-President shot in assasination attempt

20 March 2004:Taipei Times: a shameful day for democracy

20 March 2004:Li Thian-hok: Taiwan's date with destiny today

20 March 2004:Paul Lin: Democracy will help both sides

20 March 2004:Cao Chang-ching: Cast ballots for a green spring in Taiwan

20 March 2004:Bruno Kaufmann and Theo Schiller: Taiwan's democracy faces its biggest test yet

19 March 2004:Bo Tedards: For fair elections, work remains to be done

19 March 2004:Sushil Seth: From headache to migraine: why China can't really celebrate

18 March 2004:Prof. Chen Ching-chih: China's Taiwan solution: Anschluss

17 March 2004:Taipei Times: Choosing the future or the past

17 March 2004:Cao Chang-ching: Pan-blues win will hold Taiwan back

17 March 2004:Mac William Bishop: Pan-blues aim to win election on their knees

17 March 2004:President Chen blasts France for siding with China

16 March 2004:Taipei Times: Black gold was always blue

16 March 2004:Chin Heng-wei: The KMT is in trouble, win or lose

15 March 2004:Taipei Times: KMT: reactionaries, mostly thieves

15 March 2004:Lo Chih-cheng: Taiwanese democracy helps the US

15 March 2004:Lee Chang-kuei: A big decision for the people of Taiwan

15 March 2004:President Chen Shui-bian: sees Lien Chan quitting after defeat

15 March 2004: Former President Lee Teng-hui: Referendum ballots sacred

14 March 2004:Former President Lee speaks at huge pan-green rally in Kaohsiung

14 March 2004:Charles Snyder: Chinese efforts to thwart US support for Taiwan backfire

14 March 2004: James Gardner: Taiwan has a chance to reject the forces that harm it

14 March 2004: Former President Lee speaks at huge pan-green rally in Kaohsiung

14 March 2004: Charles Snyder: Chinese efforts to thwart US support for Taiwan backfire

14 March 2004: Liberty Times: Pan-blues make foolish promises

13 March 2004: Taipei Times: The referendum serves all of Asia

13 March 2004: Mac William Bishop: Two heads aren't better than one

12 March 2004: Parris Chang: Hong Kong shows that China fears democracy

12 March 2004: Paul Lin: If the blue win, whither Taiwan

12 March 2004: Chin Heng-wei: Saturday's march a test for the pan-blues

12 March 2004: Bo Tedards and Dan McCarthy: Letters to the editor

11 March 2004: Taipei Times: Voting with confidence in the future

11 March 2004: Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern Taiwan Society: Wake up before it's too late, Taiwan

11 March 2004: Huang Tien-lin: A "Taiwan First" policy will help the economy

11 March 2004: Taipei Times: Interview with president Chen -- Part II

10 March 2004: Taipei Times: Interview with president Chen -- Part I

10 March 2004: Taipei Times: Referendum's legality not an issue

10 March 2004: Ku Er-teh: China needs some common sense

10 March 2004: Nat Bellocchi: Vote to ensure voting in the future

08 March 2004: President Chen considering female prime minister

07 March 2004: Editorial: It's time for the legislature to act

07 March 2004: Liberty Times: Strength and peace go hand in hand

07 March 2004: Joel Linton: Government is for the people

06 March 2004: James Auer: On March 20th, vote for democracy

05 March 2004: Taiwanese-American groups give Bush 9,000 letters

05 March 2004: Bo Tedards: What message will voters send?

03 March 2004: President Chen meets with hunger striker in show of support

03 March 2004: Editorial: Pan-blues' desperation is showing

02 March 2004: Editorial: In our hearts -- and our hands

02 March 2004: Lin Yi-hsiung starts hunger strike over legislative reform

02 March 2004: Support for President Chen at a record high

01 March 2004: Editorial: What is a "New Taiwanese"?

January 2004

31 January 2004: Editorial: Referendum detractors must explain

31 January 2004: Ruan Ming: Chiang Ching-kuo's complex legacy

31 January 2004: Paul Lin: China lacks the right to interfere in democracy

28 January 2004: Editorial: Et tu, Chirac?

28 January 2004: Huang Tien-lin: Acquiesence to "one China" is back

28 January 2004: Chin Heng-wei: Pan-blues show their true colors

27 January 2004: Editorial: Pan-blue boycott threat misguided

25 January 2004: EU considers lifting ban on arms sales to Beijing

19 January 2004: Li Thian-hok: Two letters to the US Congress

19 January 2004: Liu Kuan-teh: Referendum can balance cross-strait relationship

18 January 2004: Editorial: Chen's referendum is about peace

18 January 2004: Liberty Times: Maintaining status quo is the point

17 January 2004: President Chen announces referendum questions

17 January 2004: James Wang: Time to recognize the true status quo

14 January 2004: Editorial: The KMT are kings of divisiveness

13 January 2004: Editorial: Status quo has gone out of balance

13 January 2004: Parris Chang: Even allies disagree now and then

12 January 2004: Editorial: In response to our critics

12 January 2004: Richard Kagan: It's time for China's people to speak up

11 January 2004: Tenson Kao: Resolute Chen sticks to his guns

09 January 2004: US Congress: Set to affirm Taiwan ties

09 January 2004: Analyst says that US will accept Chen's referendum

09 January 2004: Bill Kristol: Calls US Taiwan policy "outdated"

09 January 2004: Liu Kuan-teh: Taiwan is not China's concubine

08 January 2004: Editorial: Missiles are not part of the status quo

08 January 2004: Nat Bellocchi: Friends can reach a compromise

08 January 2004: Joseph Lieberman: Bush failed Taiwan

07 January 2004: Michael Fonte: The status quo's true foe is China

07 January 2004: Kennedy nephew gives referendum a boost

05 January 2004: Editorial: Time for the US to lay out its reasoning

02 January 2004: Gerrit van der Wees: From "five noes" to a "three yes" policy

01 January 2004: Editorial: Allies need to show some spine

01 January 2004: Shu Chin-chang: Chen's critics do Beijing's bidding

31 December 2004:Taipei Times: Litigious farce should end

31 December 2004:James Wang: No warning in Armitage comments

30 December 2004:Taipei Times: There's a change in the air in Taiwan

30 December 2004:Charles Snyder: State Department blacklists Taipei Times

29 December 2004:Taipei Times: Who is willing to listen?

29 December 2004:Colin Powell: US "not concerned" about PLA paper

28 December 2004:Gerrit van der Wees: The EU is stakeholder in Taiwan's well-being

28 December 2004:Paul Lin: China's anti-secession bill makes no sense

27 December 2004:Taipei Times: The US' Taiwan policy is in shambles

27 December 2004:Nat Bellocchi: China's law reinforces "one country"

27 December 2004:Guillaume Levesque: Why give China arms?

26 December 2004:Chin Heng-wei: US support for Taiwan may not be a sure thing

25 December 2004:Taipei Times: Give the gift of a new Constitution

25 December 2004:United States warns EU over China arms embargo

25 December 2004:Foreign Minister Mark Chen: US opposes China anti-secession bill

25 December 2004:Ming-chung Chen: Who lost Taiwan?

25 December 2004:Taipei Times: Beijing threatens to isolate Taiwan

24 December 2004:Charles Snyder: Confusion lingers over US remarks

23 December 2004:Taipei Times: Consider the KMT's "China complex"

22 December 2004:Taipei Times: Up in smoke

22 December 2004:Hsu Yung-ming: It's time to draw our own red lines

22 December 2004:Richard Armitage: US defense of Taiwan would be Congress' decision

21 December 2004:Japan ignores China's threats over Lee Teng-hui visa

20 December 2004:Taipei Times: China's dangerous leap backwards

20 December 2004:Antonio Chiang: Reaping an unexpected harvest from the elections

20 December 2004:Bruce Herschensohn: Status quo threatened by new Chinese law

20 December 2004:Alan Romberg: Anti-secession bill may set off chain reaction

19 December 2004:Liberty Times: The election was misinterpreted

19 December 2004:Huang Tai-lin: Proposes "anti-secession" busts 'eased cross-Strait tension' myth

19 December 2004:Prof. Chen Lung-chu blasts new Chinese law

19 December 2004:DPP lawmakers propose statute to counter Beijing

18 December 2004:Taipei Times: Japan takes a step in the right direction

18 December 2004:Johnny Chiang: To counter China, "Go South" more effectively

18 December 2004:Joseph Wu: Chinese law endangers the "status quo"

17 December 2004:Richard Halloran: The Taiwanese voted with their wallets

17 December 2004:Ku Chung-hwa: The voters afflicted by "election fatigue"

17 December 2004:Chin Heng-wei: The DPP must maintain mainstream principles

16 December 2004:Taipei Times: Ruling on the 319 Statute is the right one

16 December 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: What Chen needs now is power to persuade

15 December 2004:Taipei Times: Responsible leaders are essential

15 December 2004:Hung Yung-tai: The people have spoken, but what do they mean?

14 December 2004:Chen Shui-bian to quit as DPP chairman

14 December 2004:Taipei Times: The bigger picture beckons

14 December 2004:Gerrit van der Wees: Speaking of titles -- let Taiwan be "Taiwan"

14 December 2004:Paul Lin: The DPP needs humility, pragmatism

14 December 2004:Lin Cheng-yi: Why the US prefers more gridlock

13 December 2004:Taipei Times: More work needs to be done

13 December 2004:US scholars cite need to fight foreign media's "spin"

13 December 2004:International academics focus on Taiwan's foreign affairs

12 December 2004:Taipei Times: Election result the product of a system

12 December 2004:Antonio Chiang: In practive, green camp will have a majority

12 December 2004:Wang Yeh-lih: Election is over, but issues remain unresolved

12 December 2004:Taipei Times: Pan blues retain majority

11 December 2004:Taipei Times: Democracy's first step begins now

11 December 2004:Nat Bellocchi: Beware of Chinese saving face

10 December 2004:Taipei Times: EU embargo is good for the region

10 December 2004:Ministry of Foreign Affairs to discuss name change plan with envoys

10 December 2004:Taipei Times: EU embargo is good for the region

09 December 2004:Taipei Times: It's Taiwan's right to change

09 December 2004:Koo Kwang-ming blasts US for arrogance on name-change issue

09 December 2004:President Chen urges people to say "Taiwan" out loud

09 December 2004:Charles Tannock: Don't feed the dragon of arms trade

09 December 2004:Taipei Times: EU to keep its arms embargo on China

08 December 2004:Taipei Times: "Taiwan" means what it says

08 December 2004:State Department: Name change would "violate status quo"

07 December 2004:President Chen stands by name change to "Taiwan"

07 December 2004:Premier Yu Shyi-kun: supports call to use "Taiwan" in agency names

07 December 2004:Taipei Times: Enough with this horror movie

07 December 2004:Ku Er-teh: Be wary of the next superpower

07 December 2004:Lu Shih-hsiang: Education reform is right, and righteous

06 December 2004:President Chen pledges to change names

06 December 2004:Sun Ta-chuan: External recognition is real issue for country

06 December 2004:DPP Secr.General Chang Chun-hsiung optimistic of a pan-green majority

05 December 2004:Liberty Times: Clear plan needed on Constitution

05 December 2004:Joel Linton: Give up the China dream

04 December 2004:Constitutional experts agree on need for overhaul of Constitution

04 December 2004:Li Thian-hok: Reading the tea leaves on US policy

03 December 2004:Taipei Times: Why do vile candidates get elected?

03 December 2004:US Congressional delegation vows to keep Taiwan safe

03 December 2004:Jason Lee Boon Hong: Vote wisely, vote DPP

October 2004

31 October 2004:Liberty Times: Powell must apologize for remarks

30 October 2004:Mainland Affairs Council welcomes John Kerry's comments about Taiwan

28 October 2004:Minister of Foreign Affairs Mark Chen asks Paal to explain US policy

27 October 2004:Taipei Times: Poor choice of words or policy shift?

27 October 2004:Ministry of Foreign Affairs Blasts US betrayal

27 October 2004:Richard Halloran: US quietly increases military help

23 October 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: How China missed the window of opportunity

22 October 2004:Taipei Times: A rattled FPF gets down and dirty

21 October 2004:Sushil Seth: China's strategy against Taiwan

21 October 2004:Gerrit van der Wees: EU would be wrong to sell arms to China

20 October 2004:Colin Powell: could prod China to talk to Taiwan

20 October 2004:Chiou Chwei-liang: President Chen gets nowhere with goodwill

19 October 2004:Paul Lin: Some thoughts on the US elections

19 October 2004:Chin Heng-wei: Consensus not reached at meeting in 1992

18 October 2004:Taipei Times: KMT going down the wrong path

18 October 2004:Jerome Keating: Democracy and Chiang's legacy

18 October 2004:Joseph Wu: Taiwan: seeking a meaningful dialogue

17 October 2004:Taipei Times: National identity is common sense

17 October 2004:Liberty Times: "One China" myth is the problem

16 October 2004:Richard Kagan: Take steps to counter China

16 October 2004:Wendell Minnick: Submarine decisions show lack of creativity

15 October 2004:Prof. Chen Lung-chu: To flourish, showcase Taiwan's rich culture

14 October 2004:Taipei Times: Why not annex the US?

14 October 2004:Wendell Minnick: "Offensive"weapons are needed

13 October 2004:Taipei Times: The EU made the right choice

13 October 2004:China tells EU it must lift its ban on arms sales

12 October 2004:Taipei Times: Speech sought agreement to differ

12 October 2004:Former President Lee calls Chen's speech deceptive

12 October 2004:Hao Pei-chih: Lobby EU to maintain arms ban

11 October 2004:Taipei Times: What is Chen suggesting?

11 October 2004:President Chen calls for cross-strait dialogue

10 October 2004:Taipei Times: "ROC" sham holds back the nations

10 October 2004:President Chen Shui-bian: "State of the Nation" speech

10 October 2004:Patrick Tsay: Pan-blue media: Snotty collaborators

08 October 2004:Taipei Times: How not to defend the country

08 October 2004:Honigmann Hong: EU arms dealers gunning for Asia

08 October 2004:Y.J. Ho: Singapore strikes out

07 October 2004:Taipei Times: The truth committee and sour grapes

07 October 2004:Paul Lin: China's threats go beyond Taiwan

07 October 2004:Mike Chu: On pearl tea and arms deals

06 October 2004:Taipei Times: Chen has a historic opportunity

06 October 2004:Chen Hurng-yu: Singapore has betrayed Taiwan

03 October 2004:Taipei Times: Media can't see the forest for the trees

03 October 2004:Huang Tien-lin: China fever, not the weapons plan, is the real problem

02 October 2004:Colin Powell: defens arms sales to Taiwan

02 October 2004:Protesters ask EU to maintain China arms embargo

02 October 2004:Chin Heng-wei: Academics and generals are strange bedfellows

01 October 2004:Taipei Times: China is the real threat

August 2004

31 August 2004:Taipe Times: Bon voyage for diplomatic success

31 August 2004:Cheng Tzu-leong: UN bid takes toughened stance

30 August 2004:Taipe Times: Henry Lee's weasel words

30 August 2004:Michael Danby: Australian FM sending the wrong signals

30 August 2004:Su Ming-lin: Pan-blue camp must face up to its brutal past

28 August 2004:Unites States helps in Taiwan's ICAO bid

28 August 2004:Jason Lee Boon Hong: Singapore PM's good intentions

27 August 2004:Taipe Times: Retun of the White Terror

27 August 2004:Nat Bellocchi: New status quo needs new politics

27 August 2004:Cao Changching: Ridiculous titles prove "ROC" does not exist

27 August 2004:US experts look favorably on constitutional package

26 August 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: Reform of the Legislative Yuan need to go farther

25 August 2004:Taipe Times: Reforms herald new democratic era

25 August 2004:Paul Lin: Let "ROC" die with Chiang's cronies

24 August 2004:Legislative Yuan: passes Constitutional amendment bill

24 August 2004:Taipei Times: Don't appease China's bullying

24 August 2004:Lin Yi-hsiung: Ethics must be restored to nation's government

23 August 2004:Taipei Times: Chinese degrees no use in Taiwan

23 August 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: More effort needed for pan-green cooperation

21 August 2004:Liberty Times: Perseverance will pay off at the UN

21 August 2004:Foreign Minister Mark Chen slams "unfit" Aussie minister Downer

21 August 2004:Taipei Times: What's in a name?

21 August 2004:Paul Lin: Energy and Chinese agression

18 August 2004:Mei-chin Chen: Mr. John Kerry, think outside the box

17 August 2004:Richard Halloran: Can Beijing shelve politics in 2008?

17 August 2004:Chen Tzu-leong: The "Chinese Taipei" charade is vile

16 August 2004:Presidents Chen and Lee help mark TSU's birthday

16 August 2004:Holmes Liao: Stronger US-Taiwan ties needed

16 August 2004:Andrew Yang: Onus is on Beijing to prevent war in the Strait

13 August 2004:Morgan Stanley: China is in for a hard landing

13 August 2004:Taipei Times: Taiwan needs nuclear deterrent

13 August 2004:Cao Chang-ching: No good can come from Chinese nationalism

12 August 2004:Presbyterian Church supports Olympic bid using the name "Taiwan"

12 August 2004:Reuters: China's rapid missile buildup no empty threat

12 August 2004:Lai I-chung: Failed referendum still a success

12 August 2004:United States planning to station second aircraft carrier in Pacific

09 August 2004:Richard Halloran: A message for China in US naval deployment

09 August 2004:Wu Ming-chi: Bulletgate missive misses the mark

08 August 2004:Taipei Times: "Taiwan Consciousness" here to stay

08 August 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: Win international support by stressing the nation's democracy

07 August 2004:Taipei Times: Let the real Olympic games begin

06 August 2004:Nat Bellocchi: Reform can boost Taiwan-US ties

04 August 2004:Senator John Kerry vows to maintain Taiwan arms sales

04 August 2004:Taipei Times: Digging a hole to China

04 August 2004:Christopher Lingle: China is standing on shaky ground

03 August 2004:Taiwan Solidarity Union to campaign for rectified name

02 August 2004:Several countries urge US to deter China from invasion

02 August 2004:Chin Heng-wei: Soong and Lien blind to political situation

June 2004

30 June 2004:Taipei Times: Opening to the enemy

28 June 2004:Former President Lee: China's bullying tactics like Nazis

28 June 2004:Prof. Chen Ching-chih: US should recognize its true ally

26 June 2004:Cao Changching: China brings Orwell's '1984' to life

25 June 2004:Mac William Bishop: Terrorism? PRC need only look in the mirror

25 June 2004:Taipei Times: Buy US arms, but not at any price

23 June 2004:US Dty Defense Secretary Wolfowitz urges Taiwan to buy US weapons

22 June 2004:President Chen awards medal to AIT chairwoman Shaheen

22 June 2004:Defense Minister Lee Jye emphasizes AEGIS goal

20 June 2004:Liberty Times: US "one China" review overdue

19 June 2004:Orville Schell: China's still caught in a time warp

19 June 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: Four theses toward a KMT power transition

18 June 2004:Nat Bellocchi: A cross-strait task force is needed

18 June 2004:Huang Tien-lin: No more golden eggs for China?

17 June 2004:Taipei Times: Tourists, kids and naked ambition

17 June 2004:Charles Snyder: "One China" review under way

16 June 2004:Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Taiwan less isolated in new global perspective

16 June 2004:Charles Snyder: US group suggests "one China" rethink

15 June 2004:Taipei Times: A-mei: enemy of the state

15 June 2004:Taiwan Foundation for Democracy lauded as beacon for democracy

14 June 2004:Taipei Times: "Territorial integration" or treason?

14 June 2004:Paul Lin: How China politicizes its economy

11 June 2004:Taipei Times: It's time for the public to face facts

11 June 2004:Cao Changching: Ignore the US and put Taiwan first

11 June 2004:Opinion polls: pan-blues losing support

10 June 2004:Ministry of Defense warns attack could come soon

10 June 2004:Gerrit van der Wees: Think tanks shrines to double standard

10 June 2004:Sushil Seth: What is China's beef with Chen?

09 June 2004:Taipei Times: How Reagan helped Taiwan

09 June 2004:David Huang: EU-Style integration offers hope

08 June 2004:Taipei Times: Local bullying hurts China globally

08 June 2004:Paul Lin: Pan-blues seek to disrupt US ties

08 June 2004:Shane Lee: Democracy remains precarious

06 June 2004:Taipei Times: Arms purchases can ensure peace

05 June 2004:Ruan Ming: Taiwan is a beacon for China

04 June 2004:Taipei Times: China: new words, same actions

03 June 2004:Taipei Times: China's threats never end

03 June 2004:US Dept. of State criticizes China's military buildup

02 June 2004:Jerome Keating: Missing millions and hard numbers

02 June 2004:Ku Er-teh: Reforms are needed nowl why wait until 2008?

01 June 2004:Paul Lin: Unification coule herald a criminal China's rise

April 2004

30 April 2004:Taipei Times: Beijing's stance on HK is nothing new

30 April 2004:Emily Lau: Hong Kong's fight for democracy rages on

30 April 2004:FM Mark Chen explains secret US visit

29 April 2004:Ms. Yeh Chu-lan to become vice-Premier

29 April 2004:Taiwan High Court backs DPP on two recount issues

29 April 2004:Gerrit van der Wees: We do not support American independence

28 April 2004:Taipei Times: Who is really rocking the boat?

28 April 2004:Sushil Seth: How far will China go on Taiwan?

28 April 2004:Florence Chiu: Thinking, a critical ability

26 April 2004:President Chen: Pan-blue protests were an "unsuccessful coup"

26 April 2004:Hsiao Bi-khim: Lien Chan is a test democracy will pass

25 April 2004:Liberty Times: It will take action to be a WHO observer

25 April 2004:Interview with Ross Terrill: Planning for the future

24 April 2004:Taipei Times: Don't panic over Kelly's remarks

24 April 2004:US Pentagon warns of rising missile threat

24 April 2004:Prof. Chen Chih-ching: Taiwan has earned US respect and recognition

23 April 2004:Presidential office defends plan for a new Constitution

23 April 2004:US Congress gives boost to Taiwan's WHO bid

23 April 2004:Paul Lin: Just who can save James Soong?

23 April 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: President Chen must seize the moment to push reform

22 April 2004:Taipei Times: Enough love for everyone

22 April 2004:Ku Er-teh: Does Taiwan's youth care about old lilies?

22 April 2004:Ross Terrill's book: "The New Chinese Empire" praised

21 April 2004:Taipei Times: Will campaign lies be corrected?

21 April 2004:David Huang: A transatlatic thaw can help Taiwan

21 April 2004:President Chen Shui-bian calls China an "empire"

20 April 2004:Vice President Annette Lu says ethnic conflict is not a real concern

20 April 2004:Nat Bellocchi: Door is open for cross-strait talks

19 April 2004:Taipei Times: Cheney gets relations back on track

19 April 2004:Li Thian-hok: How Taiwan can escape Hong Kong's sad fate

18 April 2004:Taipei Times: Scripting a dramatic inauguration

18 April 2004:President Chen Shui-bian to address ethnic strife

17 April 2004:Taipei Times: Seize the momentum for reform

17 April 2004:Ruan Ming: Don't fret over cross-strait relations

17 April 2004:Chin Heng-wei: The KMT gets ready to transcend old leaders

16 April 2004:Taipei Times: Lien lets the small potatoes fry

16 April 2004:Prof. Chen Lung-chu: Taiwan Relations Act serves global peace

16 April 2004:Diplomatic allies and thousands invited to attend inauguration

15 April 2004:Taipei Times: Wake up and smell the tea, China

15 April 2004:Prof. Peng Ming-min: Ethical competition is democracy's keystone

15 April 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: Now China must come to terms with President Chen

14 April 2004:Taipei Times: When the medium is the menace

14 April 2004:Legislator Parris Chang: A diplomatic tale of dogs and tails

13 April 2004:Taipei Times: The shooting: it's elementary, Dr. Watson...

13 April 2004:Gerrit van der Wees: A West European view of Taiwan's elections

13 April 2004:Wang Yeh-lih: Chaos cuts blue camp's chances in future polls

13 April 2004:KMT lawmakers demand Lien Chan's head

12 April 2004:Taipei Times: Now we know who stands for what

12 April 2004:President Chen Shui-bian: proposes two new referendums

12 April 2004:Susil Seth: A nationalistic China can't let go

11 April 2004:Taipei Times: Relations with US ripe for change

11 April 2004:Dr. Mark Chen Tang-shan announced as new foreign affairs minister

11 April 2004:Mac William Bishop: Abian's shooting? It was me!

10 April 2004:Taipei Times: Chen's three great challenges

10 April 2004:Minister of Foreign Affairs offers to quit over "mistakes"

10 April 2004:Chin Heng-wei: The student protests are not in `Wild Lily's' class

09 April 2004:Taipei Times: the KMT is at a crossroads

09 April 2004:Klaus Rose: EU will not always say "Yes, Beijing"

09 April 2004:Ku Lai: Taiwanese determine China's fate

08 April 2004:Vincent Siew: KMT recount bid is futile

08 April 2004:Wang Dan: China licks its wounds as Taiwan holds firm

07 April 2004:Taipei Times: Youthful protesters seem misguided

07 April 2004:James Robinson: Recount rules must be agreed on

07 April 2004:Liu Kuan-teh: A stronger democracy is good for the region

06 April 2004:Taipei Times: Protests, democracy, and the law

06 April 2004:AFP: Splits among the pan-blues are growing

05 April 2004:Taipei Times: Overlooking the obvious

05 April 2004:Ku Er-teh: The referendum and democracy

05 April 2004:Parris Chang: Many were tarnished by their own words

05 April 2004:Wang Chien-chuang: Lien Chan should seek US role model

04 April 2004:Taipei Times: Stop braying and start paying

04 April 2004:Liberty Times: Out of crisis comes opportunity

04 April 2004:Dave Lindorff: Pan-blues' ineptness on shooting is pathetic

03 April 2004:Taipei Times: US should promote a dialogue

03 April 2004:President Chen Shui-bian: Legislative majority next step for DPP

03 April 2004:Hsu Tung-ming: Pro-Beijing media is pro-blue

01 April 2004:Taipei Times: Chinese bribery, Taiwanese aid

01 April 2004:Nat Bellocchi: Communication with US is vital

February 2004

29 February 2004: Two million Taiwanese rally for peace

29 February 2004: Editorial: Just say 'no' to Chinese missiles

28 February 2004: Historic hand-in-hand-rally to be held today

29 February 2004: Editorial: The real "Great Wall" is democracy

28 February 2004: Hsu Shih-kai: Take three steps for nationalism

28 February 2004: James Gardner: The nation's true will is being made clear abroad

28 February 2004: Lee Shao-feng: The 228 Incident

24 February 2004: Editorial: Lien makes promises he can't keep

24 February 2004: Nat Bellocchi: Taiwan's democracy runs deep

24 February 2004: Lien Chan again under fire for evading millions in taxes

23 February 2004: Editorial: You can always vote no

23 February 2004: Peter Wang: Hand-in- hand rally paves way for the rest

22 February 2004: Editorial: Second debate, with optimism, Chen won again

19 February 2004: Parris Chang: Relationship with US back on track

19 February 2004: Paul Lin: US getting fed up with China's belligerence

17 February 2004: Editorial: Lien on sovereignty: be afraid

15 February 2004: Editorial: In debate, Lien seizes no initiative

15 February 2004: Chen and Lien face off in first debate

15 February 2004: Transcript: Chen and Lien face the nation

15 February 2004: Lee Teng-hui advises treating China as an enemy

15 February 2004: Lee Kem-zen: Ten reasons to vote for Chen

14 February 2004: Editorial: More than words needed in debate

14 February 2004: Lai I-chung: Referendum provokes discussion

14 February 2004: Liu Kuan-teh: "Black-gold" politics has corrupted democracy

13 February 2004: Colin Powell approves of referendum

12 February 2004: Editorial: KMT idiots have no shame

10 February 2004: John Tkacik: The US is preparing a stick for China

10 February 2004: Lien Chan's cronies are fugitives

08 February 2004: US unease caused by its duty to defend

07 February 2004: Editorial: Building a framework for peace

07 February 2004: Nat Bellocchi: Democracy, elections and security

06 February 2004: Paul Lin: Referendum shows up French gall

06 February 2004: Chen Chü's book illustrates determination

05 February 2004: Editorial: Is democracy scarier than missiles?

05 February 2004: Michael Hsiao: Referendum should be defended

03 February 2004: Editorial: China loses the ace in its sleeve

03 February 2004: Li Thian-hok: US must embrace our referendum

03 February 2004: Chin Heng-wei: Chirac lost face

01 February 2004: President Chen urges nation to stand up against China

01 February 2004: Mei-chin Chen: EU's China embargo is critical for Strait peace