Taiwan News and Current Events in 1999

New Taiwan flag

On a general note, we first present:

The Six Misconceptions.
A reality check for all those who speak or write about developments in Taiwan.

Major recent events and issues:

President Lee Teng-hui "Nation-to-nation" relations with China

Security in the Taiwan Strait

Chinese stealing nuclear secrets

Visit of Chinese premier Zhu Rongji

20 years Taiwan Relations Act

Some major events of the past few years:

Washington, 18 June 1998: "Stand up for Taiwan"

Washington, 29 Oct. 1997: "Say Yes to Taiwan"

Taipei, 28 June 1997: "Say No to China"

"A new flag for a new Taiwan"

"Let Taiwan join the UN"

For news and events in previous years:

See our Overview 1998, Overview 1997 or the Overview 1995 - 1996.

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Major events and issues in 1999
(the most recent ones first):