China damaged US national security

Washington, 31 December 1998

A select committee of the US House of Representatives has concluded that US national security interests were damaged when two US aerospace companies, Hughes and Loral Space and Communications, provided China with technical information after the failure of two Chinese Long March rockets carrying American-built satellites.

Both the New York Times and the Washington Post reported on 31 December 1998 that the committee, headed by Congressman Christopher Cox (R-CA), had unanimously approved a still-secret 700-page report, which also concluded that over the past 20 years, China had been involved in a serious and sustained effort to steal the most sensitive of American military technology, including nuclear weapons designs and high-performance computers.

The Cox-committee, which was established in mid-1998 after the Loral and Hughes affairs came to light earlier during the year, made 38 recommendations for legislative and executive orders in areas such as tightening control over the export of sensitive technology, access to US national laboratories, and the handling of sensitive intelligence data.

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