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The following letter to the editor appeared in the Taipei Times of 10 November 2000

Lincoln and President Chen

Kenting, Taiwan, 10 November 2000

President Chen Shui-bian will one day be compared to America's greatest president, Abraham Lincoln. Taiwan is in a kind of quiet civil war right now with the forces of democracy trying to overcome the dark evils of 50 years of one-party rule. The KMT is proving itself to be a very sore loser of the last election. Should it actually impeach the president it will destroy Taiwan's fragile credibility with its best friend, the US. Lincoln was beset on all sides during his years in office. He carried the country on his shoulders throughout his term ... until he was assassinated. Chen seems to be in the same situation.

The people of Taiwan need to see this latest impeachment trick for the evil that it is. The president has done nothing wrong. The president is a really decent man who is attempting to do the impossible with little support. If the KMT attempts to martyr him they'll pay dearly and so will the Taiwanese people. If Taiwan wants to go communist, then impeaching this particular president will have all of you reporting to Beijing! Impeaching Chen is a political assassination that will lead to Taiwan's international political suicide. Think about it.

Dr Robin Rose, Kenting