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White Paper 2001 Regarding Taiwan and its Future

Taiwan Through this White Paper 2001 jointly issued by the overseas Taiwanese community in Canada, Europe and the United States, we want to present a clear statement regarding Taiwan and its future, and to gain support for acceptance of Taiwan as a full and equal member in the international community.

The Paper gives a brief historical background, and appeals to the international community - and in particular to the United States, Canada, the nations of Europe, and other countries that adhere to democratic principles - to:

  1. Affirm that the people of Taiwan have the right to determine their own future under the principle of self-determination as enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations;
  2. Urge China to renounce the use of force and accept Taiwan as a friendly neighboring state instead of perpetuating the hostility and rivalry dating from the Chinese Civil War which they fought against the Kuomintang five decades ago; and
  3. Accept Taiwan as a full, equal, and independent member of the international family of nations, including the United Nations.

The paper is revised and updated to take account of the election of Chen Shui-bian as President in March 2000, and the new policies towards Taiwan of the Bush Administration. Read the full text of the White Paper 2001 in HTML-format, or download it in Acrobat PDF-format.

The earlier 1998-1999 edition, can be found at White Paper in HTML-format, or downloaded in Acrobat PDF-format.

For further information, contact one of the following organizations:

Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) 552 -- 7th St., S.E. Washington, DC 20003 Tel. (202) 547-3686 Fax (202) 543-7891

Taiwan Communiqué P.O. Box 15182 Chevy Chase, MD 20825 USA. Homepage:

World Taiwanese Congress 4328 Sprucebough Dr. Marietta, GA 30062 U.S.A. -- Tel. (770) 642-8620 and Fax (770) 642-1126

World United Formosans for Independence (WUFI) P.O. Box 360315 Strongsville, OH 44136 homepage:

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