Taiwan into the United Nations 2000

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On 4 August 2000, the new DPP-government of President Chen Shui-bian announced that it was restarting the campaign for Taiwan to enter the United Nations.

Since its inception in September 1986, the Democratic Progressive Party has advocated UN membership for the island, arguing that the people on the island should not be excluded from a world organization that claims itself to be a "universal" organization.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the DPP initiated various campaigns and even some large-scale street demonstrations in Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taichung in support of UN membership. However, it wasn't until Spring 1993 that the then-ruling Kuomintang started to support the idea of UN membership and each year asked other nations with which they had diplomatic ties to sumbit a request to put the issue on the agenda of the General Assembly -- only to be defeated by a blocking by the PRC.

The traditional difference between the DPP's and Kuomintang's approach has been that the DPP advocated new membership for Taiwan under the name "Taiwan", while the Kuomintang pushed for re-admission under the "Republic of China" name.

The present application is still under the "Republic of China" name, but the DPP government has dropped any references to "eventual unification" or "One China", and instead emphasizes a peaceful resolution and calling on the UN to serve as a forum to help settle the differences accross the Taiwan Strait peacefully.

Below, we present an overview of recent reports. In the left bar are links to UN campaigns in previous years.

A progress report

20 October 2000: US Senate passes Taiwan-into-UN Resolution

18 October 2000: US House urges Senate to pass Taiwan-into-UN Resolution

3 October 2000: US House of Representatives passes Taiwan-into-UN Resolution

20 September 2000: Japan Times: Taiwan is worthy of a place in the UN

8 September 2000: China blocks Taiwan's attempt to join UN

8 September 2000: Taiwan Communiqué: UN, say Yes to Taiwan

5 September 2000: Taiwanese@NY: Thousands turned out for Taiwan to UN rally

5 August 2000: Taipei Times editorial: Once more into the breach

5 August 2000: Taipei Times article: This year's UN bid has new twist

4 August 2000: Taiwan restarts drive for UN membership

28 July 2000: US Congress urges Taiwan membership in the United Nations