Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 88, November 1999

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  • Normalize Taiwan relations
    • It’s time to accept a clear reality
    • “One China”: dangerous ambiguity
    • Some constructive statements

  • Earthquake
    • Suddenly ... frontpage news
    • UN and China criticized for politicizing aid
    • Chris Cox introduces “Earthquake resolution”

  • Medium Kingdom China
    • Gerald Segal: The myth of Chinese power
    • Harvey Feldman: US policy counter to US interests
    • William Pfaff: Overrating China

  • “State-to-state” follow-up
    • President Lee sticks to his principles
    • Caspar Weinberger: “Taiwan is the victim”
    • W. Scott Thompson: “Behind the war on words”
    • Ross Terrill: “Beijing vs. Taipei”

  • The Great Wall , by Patrick Tyler

  • Report from Washington
    • Taiwan Security Enhancement Act moves in the House
    • House passes “Taiwan into the WHO” Bill

  • Notes
    • Mr. Clinton’s New Zealand visit
    • The American snub at the UN
    • A message to China at 50
    • Ross Munro: What China really wants

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