Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 87, August 1999

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  • "Nation-to-nation" relations
    • President Lee states the obvious
    • China's Xenophobia and hysteria
    • Who is "provocative" ?

  • Discarding "One China"
    • Ending a fiction
    • Needed: "Out-of-the-box" thinking
    • The press debates the issue
    • American academics add to the confusion

  • Let Taiwan be Taiwan
    • Editorial
    • Chen Shui-bian: "let Taiwan decide its own future"
    • Presbyterian Church: an affirmation and an appeal

  • Taiwan discovers itself
    • Newsweek: "Escaping the past"
    • Wall Street Journal: "Overcoming the China syndrome"

  • Taiwan-U.S.-China relations, a historical perspective by Doris Chang

  • Report from Washington
    • "One China, One Taiwan" resolution introduced in the House
    • House passes Safety and Security amendment
    • Senate hearing on the Taiwan Security Enhancement Act

  • Notes
    • Mrs. Albright doesn't quite get it
    • Taiwan applying to the UN, again
    • New Taiwan, Ilha Formosa website

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