Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 76, June 1997

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  • Say "Yes" to Taiwan
    • The Hong Kong transition: strangling civil liberties
    • Taiwan says "No" to China

  • Trading with China
    • The American MFN debate
    • House Democratic leader opposes MFN for China
    • Link MFN-status to responsible behavior
    • Cheers for Denmark, shame on Chirac

  • China's military buildup
    • Selected military capabilities of the PRC
    • Aviation Week: China's military great leap forward
    • FEER: Sino-Russian military cooperation
    • Defense News: Chinese covet high-technology arsenal
    • Launching missiles from a merchant ship ?
    • China's arms trading

  • The China-connection
    • John Huang role detailed
    • Taiwanese-Americans write Feinstein

  • Murder most foul
    • Kidnaping, murder, and corruption
    • Demonstrations and legislative votes against the KMT

  • The Taiwan factor
    • A bad day at the New York Times

  • Washington Report
    • Repr. Andrew: recognize Taiwan as equalk participant

  • Notes
    • A new Secretary-General for the Presbyterian Church
    • Taiwan DC Internet Homepage expands

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