Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 72, October 1996

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  • A new Taiwan into the UN
    • "We frequently achieve the impossible"
    • Why Taiwan is not part of China
    • The UN: a "universal" organization ?
    • Sixteen nations propose UN resolution
    • Why the KMT's approach is still flawed
    • Our appeal to the international community

  • The Taiwanese say "yes"
    • Foreign Affairs: A New Taiwanese nationalism
    • The dangers of Chinese nationalism

  • Missiles, radar, rocket technology, and nuclear tests
    • China conducts nuclear tests
    • China helps Pakistan with rocket plant
    • Will France sell military equipment to China ?
    • China shops for radar in Israel and Great Britain
    • The US Stinger sale to Taiwan
  • Towards the "Fourth Party"
    • "Taiwan Independence Party" to be formed

  • The Trials of Trade with China
    • Broken dreams of China profits
    • President Lee steps on the brakes
    • Major firms in Taiwan suspend China investment
    • For a Taiwanese "Southern Strategy"

  • Second Generation report
    • Albert Hwang: "Let us redefine our future"

  • Notes
    • European parliament adopts Taiwan resolution
    • Taiwan on the Internet
    • Culture, Festivals, and Folk Stories

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Last modified 28 September 1996