Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 67, August 1995


  • The Chinese missile crisis
    • Protests against the missile tests
    • Chinese bull in an Asian china shop
    • Appeasement versus Containment

  • US -- China relations on the downslope
    • Power struggle in Beijing the real reason
    • Gingrich and Kissinger: from gaffe to blunder

  • Towards a new Taiwan policy
    • A brief look into history
    • The KMT's shortsighted policies
    • Towards a new Taiwan nation
    • What is a "One China" policy ?
    • De-linking Taiwan from China relations

  • Taiwan under Pressure
    • A nervous self-confidence
    • Is Lee Teng-hui moving towards independence ?
    • Redirecting investments, from West to South

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