Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 64, January 1995

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  • Taiwan elections show democracy gaining
    • The "Change-versus-stability" debate
    • Still no level playing field
    • New threats to Taiwan's young democracy
    • A statistical overview

  • Press Freedom again endangered in Taiwan
    • Crackdown on talk-show radio stations
    • The December 21st Taxi Driver Incident

  • The US and China's military expansion
    • The McNamara report
    • The US carrier and the Chinese submarine
    • The Israeli aircraft technology sale

  • On GATT and WTO
    • China's bullying tactics
    • Let Taiwan enter on its own merits

  • Report from Washington
    • US elections: what implications for Taiwan policy ?
    • Congressman Solomon introduces "Taiwan-into-the-UN" Resolution

  • Second-generation Report
    • The "Bridge Generation", by Shaun Su

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