Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 63, November 1994

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  • December Election Campaign heating up
    • Democratic opposition running strong
    • A stepping stone towards 1996
    • TV-debates now allowed
    • Clashes between New Party and DPP-followers

  • China relations on the downslope
    • Blocking Taiwan at every step
    • UN-bid squashed again
    • No Hiroshima Games for President Lee
    • but will he go to Bali ?

  • Can China invade Taiwan ?
    • "August 1995", the book predicting an invasion
    • The Chinese military threat, psychological warfare

  • Press freedom under pressure
    • Kuomintang cracks down on radio stations
    • "Underground" Cable TV spreading its wings
    • Independence Evening Post taken over

  • Report from Washington
    • Hearing on Taiwan Policy Review
    • State Department on the defensive
    • Senator Murkowski's Resolution passed

  • Environmental report
    • Nuclear Plant Budget rammed through Legislative Yuan
    • Mr. Lin Yi-hsiung's hunger strike and march
    • Does Taiwan need a 4th Nuclear Plant ?

  • Second-generation Report
    • What does being Taiwanese mean to me ? by Cindy Chen

  • In Memoriam Father Edward Kelly

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