Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 62, September 1994

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  • Towards a New Taiwan
    • The New Name, New Flag, New Anthem debate
    • The Road to the United Nations
    • Major publications support Taiwan entry
    • Three meetings promote UN membership

  • US upgrades Taiwan relations -- by and inch
    • Congress: too small a step
    • Communist China's hollow protests

  • Mr. Brown goes to Peking
    • Cozying up to Chinese dictators
    • For a China boycott

  • Chinese negotiator not welcome
    • Tang Shubei visit runs into trouble

  • DPP issues policy paper
    • Taiwan is Taiwan, China is China

  • Taxi drivers protest closure of radio stations

  • President Lee has a change of heart -- gradually
    • Interview with Japanese newspaper
    • Meeting with World Federation of Taiwanese Associations leaders

  • Upcoming Elections: another tough battle
    • Governor elections, a proxy fight
    • Taipei and Kaohsiung mayoral elections

  • Report from Washington
    • Senate adopts Senator Simon's UN Resolution
    • "Taiwan-into-the-UN" Hearing in the House

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