Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 61, July 1994

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  • Fire on the Lake
    • The Thousand Island Lake tragedy
    • China's cover-up
    • The effect on Taiwan-China relations

  • China, MFN and Human Rights
    • Mr. Clinton buckles to big business
    • Unbalanced trade

  • Shih Ming-teh elected DPP chairman

  • "Vacation diplomacy" gets down to business
    • Lee Teng-hui: rough landing in Honolulu
    • Visit to Central American and South Africa

  • The National Assembly does it again
    • Constitutional reform: one step forward, one backward
    • Voting rights for Overseas Chinese ?

  • Report from Washington and Ottawa
    • Congress pushes for Taiwan and Tibetan rights .
    • Canadian Parliament hears Taiwanese view

  • Second Generation Report
    • A blast into the past, by Elise Dang

  • Books & Articles
    • Li Thian-hok: A Formosan View in 1958

  • Environmental Report
    • Referendum on 4th Nuclear Plant: 96 % vote against

  • Notes
    • A note from the editors

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