Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 60, April 1994

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  • China, human rights and MFN

  • Taiwan increasing international profile
    • APEC in Seattle
    • Mr. Lee's Southward "vacation diplomacy"

  • Elections, elections, elections
    • November 1993 elections a mixed bag
    • 1994 local elections: rampant vote buying
    • Gearing up for the DPP chairmanship elections

  • In Memoriam Wang Kang-lu
    • Was it political murder ?
    • My father, by Alvin Wang
    • Professor Chen's 1981 murder case to be reopened ?

  • Navy procurement whistleblower murdered

  • Report from Washington
    • Support for UN membership growing

  • Second Generation Report
    • I am Taiwanese and/or American, by Rolla Chuang

  • Social / Environmental / Wildlife Report
    • Alternatives to Fourth Nuclear Plant proposed
    • Rhino and tiger endangered, by Kristie Wang

  • Notes
    • A word from the editors

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