Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 59, September1993

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  • Let Taiwan join the UN
    • Opposition plank becomes government policy
    • Seven Latin-American nations write Boutros-Ghali
    • Support from the US Congress

  • The KMT in disarray
    • The New Party splits off
    • A new political landscape
    • The August Party Congress
    • Election of the Central (Standing) Committee
    • Corruption charges abound

  • Taiwan and China
    • The Singapore talks
    • The United Daily controversy

  • Jockeying for the November 1993 elections
    • The Candidates
    • DPP Election strategy
    • Increasing profile in the Legislative Yuan

  • Nelson Mandela visits Taipei

  • Social / Human Rights Issues
    • Compensation for "February 28" Incident
    • Prison destroys records of political prisoners
    • National Parks threaten livelyhood of aborigines

  • Economic / Environmental Report
    • Nuclear power plant issue flares up again
    • Gansters in the legislature

  • Notes
    • Publication: "The Unknown Taiwan"
    • A Note from the editors

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