Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 58, February 1993

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  • New Political Map of Taiwan
    • Milestone in island's history
    • Mainstream versus non-Mainstream
    • The Changing of the old Guard

  • Elections major victory for DPP
    • The ruling KMT party won ... but lost
    • A typical "Taiwan experience"
    • Results: facts and figures
    • Were the elections fair ?
    • Asia Resource Center report on the elections
    • Ballot rigging in Hualien

  • Towards a new Taiwan policy
    • New opportunities for Clinton Administration
    • Can Europe chart a new Taiwan course ?

  • Taiwan and China
    • "One China, One Taiwan" debate continues
    • Professor Peng Ming-min speaks out
    • The United Daily controversy

  • The National Assembly meets
    • National identity debate dominates
    • Control Yuan or no Control Yuan

  • F-16 and Mirage-2000 deals go through
    • France and United States decide
    • DPP protest high aircraft costs
    • Germans say no, and the Dutch wiggle, on submarines

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