Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 57, December 1992

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  • Elections for the Legislative Yuan
    • More open, but not yet fully fair
    • The DPP on course for 30%
    • The KMT divided
    • Clinton election: impact on Taiwan

  • China: three struggles and a half
    • United States: about F-16's and human rights
    • France: Mirages in Far East air
    • Netherlands: those Dutch submarines again ?
    • United Kingdom: Democracy for Hong Kong

  • The "One Taiwan, One China" debate
    • Demonstrating for "One Taiwan"
    • Debate in the Legislative Yuan
    • KMT legislators favor independence

  • Independence Movement comes home
    • United Formosans hold Taipei convention
    • A peaceful movement
    • Interview with Dr. Wang Kang-lu
    • Professor Peng Ming-min returns

  • Washington Report
    • Senator Pell criticizes US State Department "China" passport policy
    • Congressman urges UN to send election observers

  • Prison Report
    • Independence leader George Chang released
    • Opposition activists arrested

  • Economic / Environmental Report
    • Protests against Fourth Nuclear Plant continue
    • Refinery protesters get heavy prison terms

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