Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 56, October 1992

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  • Let Taiwan be Taiwan
    • Defining "One China"
    • South Korea establishes relations with Peking
    • GATT: back to the Olympic non-formula ?
    • U.N. membership for Taiwan
    • Mainlanders for Taiwan independence

  • The Fly-off: F-16 versus the Mirage-2000

  • Preparing for the December elections
    • Still no level playing field
    • The DPP and KMT hold primaries
    • Profile of two candidates
    • Non-regional seats
    • Dr. Mark Chen: from exile to lawmaker
    • Vote-buying problems plague DPP

  • Ending the "Period of Rebellion"
    • Taiwan Garrison Command abolished
    • Blacklisting officially ended, but ...?

  • Washington Report
    • U.S. Congress: Equal access to the media
    • United Nations resolution in the U.S. Senate
    • ITASA, Taiwanese-American collegiate group set up

  • Prison Report
    • "Taitu Five" acquitted
    • Medical bail for George Chang rejected

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