Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 53, January 1992

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  • Elections don't bring full democracy
    • Results: Facts and Figures
    • Rules of the game still unfair
    • Dr. Seymour: No "Level Playing Field"
    • DPP: Weaknesses and Tactical Errors
    • The Independence Factor

  • Assembly in Transition
    • The "Eternal Congress" retires
    • What will the New Assembly do ?

  • China Relations
    • US official warns China against use of force
    • Historical studies shows China's claim to be inconsistent

  • "February 28" Revisited
    • Committee Presents Draft Report

  • Prison report
    • Authorities arrest WUFI chairman George Chang
    • "Taitu Five" sentenced to prison terms

  • Economic / Environmental Report
    • Taipei into the 21st Century: Ugly duckling ?

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