Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 52, December 1991

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  • National Assembly elections coming up
    • Referendum on Taiwan independence issue
    • Playing field still not level

  • Independence movement gains momentum
    • 50,000 demonstrate in Kaohsiung
    • Overseas Independence leaders arrive
    • Peking against Taiwan independence

  • The DPP holds Fifth Annual Convention
    • Hsu Hsin-liang wins by narrow margin
    • DPP adopts Independence Clause
    • The Kuomintang threatens to disband DPP
    • Communiqué editorial: the KMT's "China will attack" ruse

  • Report from Washington
    • Solarz Asian Affairs Committee condemns blacklisting
    • Resolution on UN-membership introduced in House

  • Prison report
    • Eleven Independence proponents arrested
    • Senators and Congressmen criticize Taipei arrests

  • Special Report: Academia in Action
    • The "Article 100 Mobilization Committee"
    • Secret police infiltrates academia
    • Academic teaching in the Taiwanese language

  • Notes
    • More Dutch submarines? ... yes for Taiwan, no for the ROC !
    • Taiwan Fishermen News

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