Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 51, October 1991

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  • Formosans for Independence come home
    • Momentum for Independence
    • New Constitution for the "Republic of Taiwan"
    • Prominent overseas independence leaders arrested
    • U.S. Officials: Separate Taiwan Identity

  • 40 Years San Francisco Peace Treaty
    • Large-scale Commemoration in Taipei
    • Towards membership of the United Nations
    • Lessons from Eastern Europe

  • Repeal Article 100 of the Criminal Code
    • Chaos in the Legislative Yuan
    • Deadline 10 October 1991

  • Prison report
    • "Taitu Five" on trial: "Wild Lily" power
    • Ms. Chen Wan-chen: Taiwan Nation-Building

  • Special Report: Taiwan Aborigines
    • Archaeological site shows ancient Taiwanese culture
    • Aborigines address United Nations Committee

  • Notes
    • Ten years since death of Professor Chen Wen-cheng
    • Taiwan or China: State Department goes haywire

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