Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 50, June 1991

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  • Ending the "Period of Communist Rebellion"
    • True reform or window-dressing ?
    • Swan song of the old mainlanders
    • April 17 protest against anachronistic system
    • Students and opposition leaders on hunger strike
    • Martial law reimposed on Kinmen and Matsu

  • Chaos in the Legislative Yuan
    • The Premier walks out ... so does the opposition
    • Confrontations about a highway and independence
    • Fistfights is session ... and the DPP pulls out

  • Prison report
    • Four arrested on sedition charges

  • A "Social Order Bill ?"
    • Judges and lawyers protests increase of police powers

  • Special Report: Air pollution
    • Who should wear the face mask in Taiwan tomorrow ?
      by Prof. Spenser W. Havlick

  • Economic / Environmental Report
    • 10,000 protest against nuclear power plant near Taipei
    • Aborigines protest nuclear waste dumping

  • Notes
    • Taiwan independence leaders meet in Manila
    • Blacklisting of overseas Taiwanese continues

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