Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 49, April 1991

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  • Remembering "February 28th"
    • Towards a national commemoration
    • Taiwan's Eichmann alive and well in California
    • Political murders still unsolved

  • The KMT's reforms: real or token ?
    • Old National Assembly-members refuse to retire
    • Amending the Constitution: in two stages or one ?
    • The Election Commission manipulates the rules
    • Ending the "Period of Communist Rebellion"

  • China Relations
    • From "three no's" to "four impossibles"
    • The KMT's reunification daydream ... Taiwan's nightmare

  • Special Report: Children's rights in Taiwan
    • Comprehensive study on children

  • Report from Washington
    • State Department Human Rights Report

  • International condemnation of Huang Hua's sentencing
    • U.S. Senate: "serious set-back for democracy"
    • Huang Hua nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
    • Writers' march in support of Huang Hua

  • Prison Report
    • Shen Fu-hsiung, prominent Taiwanese-American medical doctor arrested
    • Radio host sentenced for setting up TV-station

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