Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 48, January 1991

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  • Huang Hua sentenced to long prison term
    • The KMT clamps down on independence
    • DPP legislators start filibuster
    • Presbyterian Church issues protest
    • Huang Hua's statement to the Court

  • The DPP establishes Sovereign Independence Movement Committee

  • The Kuomitang's "Reform" Charade
    • Trickery of Constitutional Reform Committee
    • Not really ending the "Period of Communist Rebellion"

  • China Relations
    • The Kuomintang's "China will attack" ruse
    • Peculiar Red Cross role
    • Chinese Communists discuss Taiwan

  • In memoriam General Sun Li-jen
    • A World War II warrior passes away
    • The Kuomintang's Gulag Archipelago
    • Clemency for gangsters ...
    • ...but not for political prisoners

  • Economic / Environmental Report
    • The Economist: "When a miracle stalls"
    • Debate over 6th naphta cracker intensifies
    • A nuclear power plant for Taipei ?

  • Articles / Publications / Notes
    • CTIR publishes "Let Taiwan be Taiwan"
    • Debate about national (or party?) anthem

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