Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 46, October 1990

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  • The KMT's foreign policy in disarray
    • Saudi Arabia and Indonesia recognize Peking
    • Towards a new Taiwan policy

  • WUFI plans to return to Taiwan
    • Profile of the independence movement in exile
    • Long-term strategy

  • China Relations
    • DPP: towards a "China Relations Act"
    • President Lee's "National Unification Committee"
    • Hau Pei-tsun: "One country, two areas"
    • Peking: five-year plan to "absorb" Taiwan

  • Presbyterian Church: Taiwan does not belong to China

  • Prison Report
    • High Court suspends sentences of two legislators
    • Overseas Taiwanese on trial on "sedition" charges
    • Lee Tsung-fan sentenced to 38 months' term

  • Articles and Publications
    • Dutch and German scholars advocate new Taiwan policy
    • Seymour: Four steps to Taiwan political reform
    • After a long silence: the labor movement in Taiwan

  • Notes
    • Correction on NAC attendence of Dr. Mark Chen
    • On joining the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation
    • Environment: crackers, crackers, everywhere
    • Premier Hau: social hooligans
    • DPP expell "Rambo" Chu Kao-cheng
    • Down and out with Sun Yat-set
    • Huang Hsin-chieh plans return to legislative Yuan

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