Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 45, August 1990

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  • National Affairs Conference
    • Milestone or window-dressing ?
    • NAC-agenda: Five hot topics
    • How to implement the results?
  • A Step Backward for Democracy
    • Hau Pei-tsun becomes Prime Minister
    • Demonstrations against the General
  • China Relations
    • President Lee: "One country - two governments"
    • KMT torpedoes "Goddess of Democracy"
  • Tibet"May 20th Incident" follow-up
    • China in Tibet: "Merciless Repression"
    • The Kuomintang's double standards
  • Washington Report
    • Supreme Court to review Henry Liu murder case
  • Prison Report
    • Prominent political prisoners released
    • Leo Yi-sheh released, trial still to come
    • The death penalty: a sad record
  • Freedom of the Press ?
    • Two journalists released, one imprisoned
    • Cheng Nan-jung's death commemorated
    • Students protest KMT control of the media
  • Notes
    • "February 28" into history books (more or less)
    • My father was that surgeon !
    • The KMT's foreign policy tribulations
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