Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 44, April 1990

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  • "Taipei Spring" ?
    • Anachronistic process, but Lee promises reforms
    • The Kuomintang divided, the DPP on the streets
    • Eyewtiness in the National Assembly
    • Never a Dull Moment: the DPP in Action
    • The Lin - Chian ticket fades away
    • Students demonstrate: "tiny Tienanmen"
  • Election follow-up
    • DPP county magistrates off to a lively start
    • Legislative Yuan session opens noisily
    • Local elections marred by violence
  • Remebering "28 February 1947"
  • Washington Report
    • The 1989 State Department Human Rights Report
    • Justice at last for Henry Liu ?
    • U.S. Government sued on Taiwan Labor Rights
  • Prison Report
    • Huang Hua and Luo Yi-sheh charged with "sedition"
    • Policemen who tortured detainee get off lightly
  • Freedom of the Press ?
    • Journalist arrested on "sedition" charges
    • Voice of Democracy TV-station closed down
  • Notes
    • Environmental concern growing
    • To GATT or not to GATT ?
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