Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 41, September 1989

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  • The Tiananmen square massacre
    • Why the Taiwanes reject "reunification"
    • No role for the Kuomintang in mainland China
    • Towards a new Taiwan-policy for the U.S. and Europe
    • The parallel with "February 28"
  • Preparing for the elections
    • The DPP chooses "local strategy"
    • Legislative Yuan still not fully representative
  • Freedom of Association restricted
    • Authorities prohibit "Taiwanese" organizations
    • ... and bar Taiwanese from returning home
  • Report from Washington
    • Symposium on "Taiwan into the 21st Century"
    • U.S. Senate passes amendment on future of Taiwan
  • Prison Report
    • Lawyer Hsieh Ch'ang-t'ing sentenced to prison term
    • Assemblyman Huang Chao-hui receives three jail terms
    • AI adopts Huang Kuang-hsiung and Chuang Kuo-ming
    • DPP military men arrested, to be court-martialled
  • Freedom of the Press ?
    • Court upholds "sedition" sentence of journalists
    • Garrison Command confiscates magazines again
    • No equal access to radio and television
  • Notes
    • Thousands attend unveiling of "2-28" monument
    • Military brainwashing against independence
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