Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 40, June 1989

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  • Death of a journalist
    • Cheng Nan-jung dies for independence
    • What happened on 7 April 1989 ?
    • The legacy of an uncompromising freedom fighter
    • An open letter to the government on Taiwan
  • The Kuomintang's "flexible diplomacy"
    • "One country, two governments" ?
    • What's in a name ?
    • Rejoining the United Nations ?
    • Let Taiwan be Taiwan
  • Thousands protest against nuclear power plan
  • Report from Washington
    • Oliver North trial exposes Kuomintang "Contra" funding
  • Prison Report
    • Political prisoner Wang Hsing-nan on hunger strike
    • DPP-member sentenced for raising DPP-flag
    • Huang- Kuang-hsiung sentenced for "sedition"
    • Death penalty: number of executions rising sharply
    • Hong Kong businessman Cheung Ki-lok acquitted
  • Freedom of the Press ?
    • Two journalists sentenced for "spreading rumors"
    • Radio reporters suspended for expulsion report
  • Notes
    • Lei Chen accuser retracts "confession"
    • The KMT's report on "2-28": another whitewash
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