Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 38, February 1989

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  • The December 25th Incident
    • The Kuomintang's annual comic opera show
    • Illelgal detention of Assembly members
    • Recovering the mainland, tourist class
  • Wrangling about five "sensitive" laws
    • How to retire "permanent" legislators
    • Two old warriors step out
  • Major political murders remain "unsolved"
    • Lin Yi-hsiung family murder
    • Prof. Chen Wen-cheng's case still open
  • Human rights activists honored
    • Mrs. Kiyoko Miyake: a lifelong dedication
    • Ms. Chen Chu meets German Federal President
    • Lawyer Lee Sheng-hsiung: spreading the word
  • Prison Report
    • T.A.H.R. issues human rights report
    • Supreme Court upholds sedition sentences
    • Retrial for Hong Kong businessman
  • Freedom of the Press ?
    • Three opposition journalists sentenced
    • Prosecuted for publishing a new Constitution
    • Press freedom still constrained
    • Opposition magazines on microfiche
  • Notes
    • Hakka language protest
    • Dr. Marc J. Cohen: Taiwan at the crossroads
    • Center for International Relations established
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