Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 37, December 1988

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  • The DPP elects a new chairman
    • Huang Hsin-chieh, an old-time populist
    • Different emphasis, but same direction
    • The independence debate goes on
  • Moving towards "dual recognition"
  • A corrupt mayor goes unpunished
    • Su Nan-cheng, portrait of a quisling
    • The Control Yuan fails to act
  • "May 20th Incident" follow-up
    • The Taipei District Court issues its verdict
    • Protests against bias of the court
    • Legislation against "commenting on a trial"
  • Report from Washington
  • Prison Report
    • Shih Ming-teh ends hunger strike
    • Hong Kong businessman sentenced
    • A wave of death penalties
    • Three environmental protesters get prison terms
  • Articles and Publications
    • Elsevier: A Taiwanese Cory Aquino
    • Marc J. Cohen: Taiwan at the Crossroads
    • World Council of Churches: Behind the mask
  • Notes
    • In memoriam Reverend Dr. Shoki Coe
    • Presbyterian ministers blacklisted
    • Military men and police demoted for joining DPP
    • The defensive chief on the defensive
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