Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 35, August 1988

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  • The DPP launches new political ideas
    • Relations with China on an equal basis
    • Towards a new uni-cameral parliament
    • The KMT discusses retiring "permanent" legislators
  • The Kuomintang Party Congress
    • A mixed bag of old and new
    • Lee Teng-hui (s)elected as party chairman
    • Cabinet reshuffle
  • The "May 20 1988" incident
    • Demonstration of farmers ends in confrontation
    • The aftermath
  • Report from Washington
    • U.S. Congress stresses need for full democracy
    • Washington rally for democracy in Taiwan

  • Further court hearings in FPPA case
    • The appearance of a fair trial
    • Secret video recorders in the ceiling
  • Prison Report
    • Investigation into prison disturbances fizzles out
    • Three more deaths in police custody
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