Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 33, February 1988

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  • The end of the Chiang dynasty
    • A mixed legacy
    • Major challenges ahead
  • Two independence advocates sentenced
    • Still no freedom of expression in Taipei
    • Yet another political show trial
    • Protests against trial and verdict continue
  • Political murders remain unsolved
    • The Lin Yi-hsiung family tragedy continues
    • Professor Chen Wen-cheng's case still open
  • Towards a fully democratic political system
    • A staid National Assembly shaken up
    • The Kuomintang finally budges
  • Report from Washington
    • The State Department human rights report
    • Overseas Taiwanese still blacklisted
  • Prison Report
    • Pai Ya-ts'an's health deteriorating
    • Lin Cheng-chieh released on parole
    • List of remaining political prisoners
    • Major prison disturbance in Taitung
    • Eight deaths at Green Island Prison
    • Two more detainees tortured to death
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