Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 32, December 1987

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  • Let Taiwan be Taiwan
    • The independence debate gathers momentum
    • The Kuomintang's "fantasy island"
    • Two arrested for advocating independence
    • The Presbyterian Church takes to the streets
    • University debate on self-determination
  • The DPP holds its second annual Convention
  • Further legislation restricting freedoms
    • New law in assembly and assocation
    • Law governing the formation of new parties
  • Fossils in the legislature
    • Old legislators seldom die
    • Run for democracy
    • General elections ... or maybe not?
  • Tibetan lessons for Taiwan
  • Environmental issue heats up
  • Report from Washington
    • Resolution on lack of democracy
    • Concern about political arrests
    • Trade issues and labor rights
    • The Kuomintang's Contra connection

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