Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 31, September 1987

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  • Taiwan ends martial law after 38 years
    • But ... no dancing in the streets
    • Who made it happen
    • What will it mean in practice?
  • The National Security Law enters into force
    • Text of the new law
    • Fifty rules of implementation
    • Restrictions on assembly and association
    • No appeals by political prisoners allowed
  • The 12 June 1987 incident
    • Right-wing provocateurs incite violence
    • The aftermath: five indictments
    • Police partiality towards right-wing extremists
  • News from the US Congress
    • House passes resolution on democracy in Taiwan
    • Senator Pell comments on end of martial law

  • Prison report
    • Prominent prisoners released
    • Lin Cheng-chieh sentenced to additional prison term
    • Another death in police custody

  • Freedom of the Press?
    • New magazines start up in 1987

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