Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 29, March 1987

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  • Profile of a human rights lawyer
    • Yao Chia-wen and 25 other political prisoners released
  • The National Security Law debated
    • Still highly restrictive
    • Chills in the "Taipei Spring"
  • Democracy (not) at work
    • Vote-buying dominates Control Yuan elections
    • The DPP divided
    • The dual nationality issue
    • Chaos in the Legislative Yuan
  • The State Department Human Rights Report 1986
    • "One-party authoritarian system"
  • Commemorating February 28
    • The "February 28 Incident" of 1947
    • The Shanghai Communiqué
    • The murder of Lin Yi-hsiung's mother and daughters

  • Prison Report
    • Chen Shui-bien and other opposition magazine officials released

  • Freedom of the press?
    • Censorship in 1986: Orwell would be proud
    • Presbyterian Church publication harassed
    • Premier Yu announces lifting of newspaper ban

  • Notes
    • Center for fishermen established
    • A note to our readers

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