Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 28, January 1987

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  • The new political party wins 23 seats
    • DPP makes a flying start
    • Campaign highlights: green is the color
    • The election results
    • The DPP boycotts Control Yuan voting
  • The self-determination issue
    • An accomodation with the majority
    • Chinese unfinished business
    • Taiwanese basic rights
  • The Taoyuan Airport Incident
    • Mr. Hsü Hsin-liang is kept out
    • The Kuomintang tries to twist the facts
  • "Lifting martial law" and other stories
    • Executive Yuan passes "National Security Law"
    • Ending the ban on political parties

  • Freedom of the press?
    • The DPP Chairman's book banned
    • The muzzling of the press continues
    • "Revealing military secrets"

  • Notes
    • Presbyterian Church calls for democracy

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