Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 26, August 1986

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  • Changing Taiwan's anachronistic political system
    • End of martial law in sight?
    • On-off negotiations with the tangwai
    • Party ban reiterated
    • Phasing out a gerontocracy
  • US Congress: for democracy in Taiwan
    • Resolutions proceeding through Congress
    • US Committee for democracy in Taiwan set up
  • Prison Report
    • Shih Ming-teh's hunger strike into fifth month
    • Three political prisoners in military hospital
    • Torture common in Taiwan's prisons

  • Freedom of the press?
    • Censorship forces tangwai press underground
    • The Eighties and Current suspended
    • Three Neo-Formosa executives (including Chen Shui-pien) imprisoned
    • Two Min Chu Shih Tai executives sentenced
    • Tangwai editor beaten up

  • Notes
    • Score: Taiwan 5, Nicaragua 5
    • Church appeals for release of prisoners
    • Plans for Dupont plant angers Lukang residents

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