Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 25, May 1986

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  • 37 Years of Martial Law
    • Green Ribbon Campaign
    • No opposition parties allowed
    • Support Committee set up in the US
  • The US Congress expresses concern
    • Resolution calls for full representative government
    • Mr. Reagan's "Winds of freedom" blowing in the wrong direction
    • Senator Kennedy: the time is now for a truly democratic Taiwan
    • House hearing highlights human rights violations
  • Gerontocratic government
    • The legislature is dying out
    • KMT Central Committee: old wine in new bottles
  • "Legal" harassment of the opposition
    • Opposition politician imprisoned on false charges
    • Court cases against tangwai campaign aides
  • Prison Report
    • Two political prisoners on hunger strike again
    • Chen Ming-chung and Yang Chin-hai gravely ill
    • Another political arrest
  • Freedom of the Press?
    • Press censorship campaign continuing unabated
    • Confiscation in Kaohsiung
    • Midnight raids and confiscations in Taipei
    • Neo-Formosa libel suit decision in High Court
  • Notes
    • Death sentences rising sharply
    • Mail censorship and wiretapping on the rise
    • Shipyard "in Dutch" with The Hague government
    • Freedom House gives low rating to Taiwan
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