Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 23, January 1986

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  • US Taiwan policy at the crossroads
    • Congressional resolution winning hearts and minds
    • Reagan administration "losing" Taiwan
  • Elections in Taiwan
    • Neither free nor fair
    • A new party taking shape
    • Overall results and analysis
    • Murder attempt in Tainan County: Chen Shui-pien's wife hurt in "accident"
  • Prison Report
    • Wei T'ing-chao: profile of a prisoner
    • Theologian Lin Hung-hsüan released
    • An old prisoner's story

  • Freedom of the press?
    • Censorship in 1985: it was a very bad year
    • Progress officials sentenced in High Court

  • Articles and publications
    • Asia Resource Center: Martial law in Taiwan

  • Notes
    • Asian Development Bank: what's in a name?
    • Aborigines want to keep their own names
    • And now ... a "language law" ?

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