Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 22, October 1985

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  • Key "Kaohsiung" witness retracts testimony

  • Local elections on 16 November 1985
    • Unfair competition
    • Races to watch
    • "No tea parties allowed"
  • Two political arrests
    • Mr. Hsu Chao-hung: six years for a name card
    • Mrs. Lee Ya-ping: harassment and intimidation

  • Prison Report
    • Shih Ming-teh hunger strike ends after five months
    • Ch'en Ming-chung's health deteriorating

  • Prison Report (Cont'd)
    • Pai Ya-ts'an: profile of a prisoner
    • The death penalty becomes cheaper in Taiwan

  • Freedom of the press?
    • Secret police enter Legislator Hsu Jung-shu's home
    • Confiscations and bannings: no end in sight

  • Notes
    • The Henry Liu affair: getting away with murder?
    • Reagan signs bill encouraging democracy in Taiwan
    • The succession question: "Not a Chiang?"

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