Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 21, August 1985

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  • Hunger strike in prison continues
    • Huang Hua: a peaceful reformer
    • Yang Chin-hai: tortured politician
    • Shih Ming-teh: born a Taiwanese
  • China's choices on Taiwan
    • Senator Pell reacts to Hu Yaobang's statement
    • Foreign Affairs neglects Taiwanese view
  • The new "hoodlum" law
  • Prison Report
    • Lai Wen-liang case follow-up
    • Huang Hsin-chieh attends father's funeral
    • Arrested for trying to form a party

  • Freedom of the press?
    • Minutes of censorship meeting a "military secret"?
    • Confiscations and bannings continue undiminished
    • Magazine executives deliver petition
    • A sample of censorhsip in Taiwan

  • Notes
    • In memoriam Dr. Kuo Yu--shin
    • Hsinchu mayor imprisoned
    • Alliance of Taiwan aborigines founded
    • The resignation of 14 Provincial Assembly members
    • Congress passes Democracy on Taiwan amendment

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