Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 18, February 1985

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  • Funeral for Lin Yi-hsiung's mother and daughters
  • The murder of Henry Liu
  • Old legislators (almost) never die
  • The death penalty in Taiwan
  • Prison report
    • Lin Hung-hsuan still in solitary confinement
    • Former "Kaohsiung" prisoner re-arrested
    • Two long-term prisoners released
    • Close down Taiwan's Gulag Archipelago

  • Freedom of the Press?
    • Executives of two opposition magazines sentenced
    • KMT authorities continue clampdown
    • A "Content analysis" of banned articles
    • Overview of press censorship in Taiwan

  • Articles and Publications
    • VANDAAR: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

  • Notes
    • Public Policy Research Association grounded
    • Taiwan Association for Human Rights founded
    • A "welcome home" for political prisoners
    • Dr. P'eng Ming-min: "A taste of freedom"
    • Changes at the SE Asia Resource Center

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