Taiwan Communique emblemTaiwan Communiqué no. 17, November 1984

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  • Hong Kong and Taiwan: no parallel
    • One country, two systems?
    • Good for Hong Kong, wrong for Taiwan
    • Dr. Mark Chen: self-determination is best for Taiwan
    • Tangwai: Taiwanese want to determine own future
  • Why Peking's unification drive has hit a stone wall by Prof. Parris H. Chang
  • Freedom of the Press?
    • The KMT reaches a censorship landmark
    • Overview of press censorship in Taiwan
  • Political prisoners released
    • Lin Yi-hsiung and Kao Chun-ming freed
    • "Kaohsiung 33": one remains in jail
  • Prison report
    • Lin Hung-hsüan moved to Green Island
    • Shih Ming-teh's health deteriorating
    • Pai Ya-tsan on hunger strike
    • Two prisoners die: lack of medical care
  • Articles and Publications
    • Washington Post: Taiwan role probed in killing
    • Wichita Eagle-Beacon : on censorship in Taiwan
  • Notes
    • Theological college directive not implemented
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